Two Worlds II's campaign to last "twenty-five hours"

GamerZines writes:

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, TopWare Interactive's Jake DiGennaro has outlined how many hours of entertainment players can expect from Two Worlds II.

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chak_3208d ago

as long as there are a lot of appealing side quest I'm fine with 25 hours

nikkisixx23208d ago

I don't know about anyone else, but these kind of things are always announced months before the game is released and when it finally is released we find out this is untrue.

So I'll just wait till the game comes out to find out for sure how long it is.

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Philaroni3208d ago

From what I read on the PS blog this sounds like a fun game. Not every day you see such an improvement over the first installment. Best of all it comes out one day before my Bday so that is kind of cool.

RadientFlux3208d ago

25 hours for main storyline is always nice, long as it's needed.

I'd rather a short main storyline with a great story then a long main storyline that has been padded to make the game longer. That's what side quests are for.

Though based on the article it looks like Two Worlds 2 will also have quite a few side quests.

BeaArthur3208d ago

I'm not even going to lie, although Two Worlds was a piece of crap from a technical stand point, I enjoyed it.

RadientFlux3208d ago

I had a so-called love/hate relationship with Two Worlds. The dialog and bugs were terrible, I remember having to enter codes in the x360 version just to make riding the horse passable.

The love part was the controls and gameplay wasn't bad and there really wasn't anything else to play that summer.

BeaArthur3208d ago

I actually liked the dialog just because it was so awful it was amusing. But yeah, it was one of the buggiest games I had ever played.

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