Why Do We Hate Bobby Kotick?

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"Maybe the title of this article is a little to all-encompassing. As I am not a psychic, nor have I taken a poll on the subject lately, I can only speak to why I hate Bobby Kotick. Though, I think it’s fair to say that a large segment of the gaming populace has had reason enough to hate the “Big B” at one point or another..."

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zeeshan8103020d ago

Everyone hates him because he only cares about MONEY $$$$.

Chubear3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

... like he gives a damn.

His language is money. You keep making his games sell record breaking numbers and lap up his DLC like pigs to slop and that tells him you love him.

I'm sure he's all torn up that nerds on teh internetz write that they don't like him. Keeps him up at night not able to enjoy all the parties, girls and lavish lifestyle gamers have given him I'm sure :/

zeeshan8103020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

He told IW that if COD MW2 sells more than MW1 he will give every IW employee bonus but he didn't.

Plus he didn't pay Jason West and Vince Zampella $82 million. -___- I sure don't want to be this guy who is hated by almost everyone in the gaming industry.

Also I know most developers/ publishers don't care about money they want to make games that will sell a lot. Look at TakeTwo they said they won't release Mafia II and Red Dead Redemption because they felt the game needs more time. Now Red Dead Redemption is out and its pretty damn good, Mafia II is not out but 2K Games showed a lot of game plays and screenshots that will make Mafia II sell a lot.

Elimin83020d ago

Because he makes it easy...

My 2Cents...

tplarkin73020d ago

He's only trying to make a living. To "hate" him for his business sense is irrational.

pustulio3020d ago

Seriously? A "living"?

You gotta be fucking kidding me...

karl3020d ago

what? seriously? its not like hes force to fuck developers and gamers so he can have food on his table man =S

mastiffchild3020d ago

Well, he's NOTHING like me. Firstly, the fact that he doesn't game himself renders a lot of what he says pointless and when he speaks like he knows what we want and what we deserve it's laughable. I'd never talk from a position of total ignorance like I was God in the way he does.

Seriously, some of his outbursts would not have been tolerated by other groups of consumers and the constant knocking of competitors business models and such is also pretty contemptible from a man set on running successful franchises into the ground in a shortsighted rush for cash and more cash. Making profits is fine in a capitalist world and nobody minds him doing that but when it hurts our gaming experiences like it has with corners being cut in MW2 then it's all kinds of wrong. Market leading FPS in 2009 should have dedicated servers across all platforms it's released on if it wants to remain in that position as PP hurts gamers gaming. Giving twice the budget IW had to those marketing a game that needed barely ANY marketing is another insult to us all and it never stops with this guy. No betas, too little testing and so on. He made every cut and they cut every corner for profit and it DID hurt the game and does to this day.

He described MW2 as "premium" at every turn and P2P, under tested games and excessive price hikes do NOT make a premium experience. The man annoys because his actions are deliberately aggressive and designed to get under the skin of the very people who keep in in his lifestyle-he shows no respect to those paying his wages and as such deserves nothing but our derision. We aren't like him at all, thank the lord.

I severely doubt any of us would hurt gaming just for a few extra pennies and Bobby continually proves to us that he would.

Chuk_Chuk3020d ago

This guy will ruin the industry to make his "living". That is why we hate him and i hope that when the previous bosses of IW sue Activisions asses, they take the rights to COD with them or form a new company that creates an FPS that rivals COD because activision and this crazy fool have a grip on the casual market and will drive the gaming industry 6 FT under with there money making schemes.

mirroredderorrim3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I guess if this guy pissed in your food, then stood over you, with his patented Kotick-Grin;you'd just tip your hat and keep eating?

Screw that.

zeeshan8103019d ago

Do you know anything about Bobby?

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fatstarr3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Because he would sell videogames for 100-120$ if he could get away with it. and he talks like a Male hooker when it comes to money. Too gready. THe only thing hes doin good is becoming the needed Main enemy of the gaming industry.

Chris3993020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

then it is to loathe ourselves. After all, if gamers weren't buying Activision games, he wouldn't be nearly as relevant.

There's no one to blame for Bobby but consumers as a whole: the man himself is just doing his job - gouging, by any means possible to make the most $.

Next time you want to get angry at Bobby Kottick, look at the copy of Modern Warfare on your shelf and then slap yourself - soundly - in the face. At least then, the rage would be better placed.

MagicAccent3020d ago

Agreed, a little solidarity in the gaming community would be a nice breath of fresh air.
It seems too me I was the only one who actually went though the the MW2 boycott for example.

I mean come on people, sure the man's clearly evil, like stewie griffin meets palpatine. But who can blame him for that when you guys makes it so easy for him :P

MysticStrummer3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I'm proud to say I didn't buy MW2. It looked like more of the same mindless run and gun BS, and there are already too many of those games around. OT - I hate him because he opens his mouth. Sure, all companies are out to make money, but not all of them are blatantly obvious about their money grubbing ways to the point where it seems like they are thumbing their nose at the consumer. I hope Activision enjoys their run because it will end sooner than they think with a guy like him in control.

Akagi3020d ago

I bet he hasn't actually sat down in his huge mansion and experienced MW2 online.

Kassanova073019d ago

To be blunt, Kotick is a greedy cocksucker who needs to get slapped.

Eddie201013018d ago

Why Do We Hate Bobby Kotex?

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PirateThom3020d ago

Because he's the hero video games deserve, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Komega3020d ago

Best comment EVER! Bubbles:)

eggbert3020d ago

I was watching that particular scene on TV last night.

Blacktric3020d ago

Try harder. Maybe you can replace Carlos Mencia.

mirroredderorrim3020d ago

A rock is funnier than Mencia.

Blacktric3020d ago

He has absolutely no talent and steals all his jokes and combines them with old Mexican accent, then idiot crowd laughs at him.

3020d ago
Spenok3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Lmao, good one. Keep the Comedy comming.

Sugreev20013019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

@PirateThom That has to be the best comment I've read here in ages XD

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Godmars2903020d ago

Because he's openly put the concerns of stockholders over those of the people he's trying to sell product to. Basing his business strategy on a model of exploitation and low quality product, as well as failing to reward workers whenever possible. Creating a stressful work environment just for the sake of it, which only reduces creativity.

That the last alone is actually known by the general gamer, is a rumor with examples, hardly speaks well of the man.

pippoppow3020d ago

Some people think anything goes in business. That kind of thinking lets the BKs of the world get away with murder. There are companies that run their business out of love and integrity. Sure money making is a primary goal just not the only one.

mastiffchild3020d ago

Indeed, Godmars and adding in that he speaks from a position of near total ignorance about games quality makes then man even more of an eyesore on the skyline of our industry. Can you imagine, say, an oil exec speaking the way he does without the necessary knowledge to back up his views? Wouldn't happen and that's the arrogance of the man-he thinks so little of us that he is prepared to tell us what's best for our gaming without ever doing any!

at least when he talks about prices and greed he's honest(if a bit disgusting)and it's when he tries to tell us WHY his games deserve more of our cash from a position of never having played them it gets truly insulting.

dorron3020d ago

Perfectly stated...bubbles up!

biggame9013020d ago

My points exactly. Well said.

Komega3020d ago

Not all of Activision's published products are low quality. Sure MW2's multiplayer was a bit of a disappointment, but I've been having a blast with War For Cybertron. Everything else I agree with though:)

mrv3213020d ago

The transformers game IS mediocore, but no one expected it to be so you get surprised.
MW2 was supposed to be the second coming, the hype behind this game meant stupid videos of a 3D person mode would get like 2,000 degrees and when it came out we where like 'Isn't this just MW but with pro perks, overpowered perks and titles'

Cernunnos3019d ago

The problem is that MW2 is too unlike MW imo, just in the wrong direction. COD4 was a much harder game, and the skill trechold was high. MW2 is as n00b friendly as a FPS can be..

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