New Footage Shows Move Can Mix Kinect & Wii Elements With Precision

PlayStrum writes: "German website, GamesTrust, recently released a video of their hands-on time with Sony's PlayStation Move. The near fourteen minute video includes some gameplay of The Shoot, Sports Champions and Kung Fu Rider along with some of the precision and 1:1 motion tracking."

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jack_burt0n4088d ago

Was not seriously interested in the shoot or kung fu rider but they look solid, cant believe am actually really wanting to try the painting game lol now if they can get them out @ retail for less than £29.99 i'll buy the lot.

Forbidden_Darkness4088d ago

Well Move games are 40 dollars in the US, so it should be roughly the same price in your currency just converted.

PoSTedUP4087d ago

id rather play the ps1 or ps2 "shooting games", they had better guns to shoot the screen with and didnt feel like i am holding a tv controller or star trek photon layzer zapper to shoot the enemys with.

point blank for ps1 and house of the dead2 for dreamcast were the best shooting games imo.

i will not touch that shooting game for move, The Fight looks awesome though, and RE5 and deadspace extractions is going to be amazing i just know it.

it sucks that this gen you need a sensor bar to shoot an LCD screen with a gun and crap.

nunley334087d ago

@PoSTedUP, maybe you'll like TIME CRISIS. It's a good light gun game and a new PS MOVE version is coming, maybe at launch hopefully!

hakis864087d ago

"Chuck Norris could shoot someone and still have time to roundhouse kick him in the face before the bullet hit."

Commander_TK4086d ago

I don´t think so. We here pay a lot more than $60 for games. Other regions pay a lot more too. Games cost around 79-94 American dollars here where I live. So, Move games will probably be around $63.

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Bigpappy4087d ago

I didn't see the Kinect elements. Everything was done with the move. Nothing eith the body.

Dac2u4087d ago

The Shoot has you dodge and duck for cover.

badz1494087d ago

PS3 has controller-less motion controlled games from the beginning with PS EYE. MOVE is a plus

rdgneoz34087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Hell, PS2 Eyetoy games can do kinect elements.

And is coming out soon.

Lawliet4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

MOVE is working really well with the games. However something is confusing me here, as I see those games uses 2 of the ball like control.

Shouldn't the MOVE set look like this? One with the joystick..

We suppose to purchase 2 set of the controller just to play differently such as Sorcery or these games?

If so Sony should just stick another ball up on the joystick controller to make everything easier. I don't wish to buy so many things just for a setup! And developers would be happy to have more options.

4087d ago
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webeblazing4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

big pseye was doing kinect stuff b4 they even announced move you can go on the ps store and download some for like 3 dollars that how much playstation fans loved eyetoy.

i wish the would of showed more of kung fu rider lmao yoooo i wanna try dat it looks retarded. its funny now since sony (even tho sony did it with ps2) and ms started with what yall so called casual game now nobody hating on nintendo.

4087d ago
PCnPS3Gamer4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

that painting game reminds me of art attack. except no one knows including you what your drawing its cool tyo see the random crap u were painting makes something....shoot looks cool. and @guy in feature section that says hed rather play a p1 game ps2 game rather then play the shoot come on man if u want somthing amzing play socom 4 or killzone 3 with move or resident evil, but this game is a more like an oldschool arcade rather play the shoot or kung fu rider then spend hours petting kinectanimals or riding a river raft for fuck sakes. ps move = best of both worlds, no matter how u spin it the casuals will eventually if not immdiately choose move over kinect wii. why sacrifice when u can get both natal games and wii type games in one device also hardcore games games on rails move covers all sides whereas kinect covers 1 and barely does that good. most families have real animals to pet and play with atleast families with homes big enough to play kinect comfortably

holy shit you can play frolf on ps move i love that game. wow just awesome i thank ms for making sony who they are now the kings of gaming....u pushed them to theyre full potential now eat sonys dust in innovation and success and keep hyping your innovation and fail cough kinect cough

ps: is it just me or does anyone else wanna call kinect natal still :s

games on rails = sad face gamers,,,,kinect is for little kids that think they playing but have no idea the game is actually playing itself lol...natal can track ur feet and hands yet racing games for kinect the cars drive and stop themselves u just steer and in foot bal games the character runs for himself and u just dodge last time i checked ps move can do that with better graphics plus put the navi in ur hand and boom madden 2011 "now dat dat dats a touch down" john madden lol

im sorry to say this guys but ps eye and move can do wii and natal better a properly.who cares if sony copied the wiis concept, they made it better the only time copying sucks when its the same or worse the copyee ****cough*** kinect cough **** you know natal copied the eye toys concept dont deny it...which by the way was a lame concept to begin with if you call yourself a makes sense ms a non gamer is trying to say its not lame its oool....fucking fanboys of companys ill admit it im a fanboy of technology, logic and technology game related....when it comes to kinect what ms are pushing as video games baffles me...petting animals is a video game now lolwow u better hope kinect fails cuz if it doesnt all us gamers are screwed ms will be fine dont worry about them. theyll always have windows when gaming and cell phones fail...

Jaces4087d ago

I have to say the MOVE is looking more and more appealing.

1. the games look 10x more fun than the wii's and 2. The wife would love this so I won't have to buy a wii (although I probably will anyway, Mario Galaxy has my attention and I can't ignore it for much longer.)

I don't think I'll be buying more than two sets of controllers and I already have the eyetoy so the pricing won't be that bad. =P

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ActionBastard4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

The Shoot looks like shit. Kung-Fu Rider surprised me. Like Crazy Taxi only you ride an office chair downtown and kick people's asses? Bet.

Tony-A4088d ago

That's one I won't need to be getting, but I like how they're doing the cover and leaning stuff.

PCnPS3Gamer4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

compare the shoot to an oldschool arcade game cuz thats what they going for alot of parents that grew up on arcades will prob love the shoot also im prety sure that guy sucked with the move also imagine playing the shoot drunk off tequila with ur bro's with the gun accessory>>>>which by the way looks so dope and high quality resident evil is gunna kick ass with move + navi + gun accessory :)

@ below yeah the faithfull will buy it and praise it but really they only use in for minority port like interface not to game with which is what site is all about right news for gamers....the funny thing is though are people really gunna still choose dvd over blu ray especially for all those action scary movies where blu ray enhances the experiencing....if you can afford all ms accessories im sure u can afford to rent buy blu rays why not jump into next gen people instead of jumping into last gen ohh yeah cuz ur a companies bitch not technologies bitch like me :)

@another below holy hip hop gamer really made me hate kung foo live seriously i hate that guy he like ruins gaming journalism for me.....this gamespot vid basically proves ps eye is better if not just as good as kinect sony just doesnt want to push something insanely that has this vid kinect lovers this is a psn game thats better then any kinect game ive rather playt killzone 3 or socom 4 but this looks awesome im glad the choice is there when i get ps move this september. maybe being ps + member ill get a discount or something :) sony is so awesome i jumped on the xbox 1 bandwagon last gen n64 +ps1 gen before that now ps3 this gen and ive been blown away it just keeps getting better and better and better sonys just getting some traction now theyre gunna tear up the metaphorical gaming track :)

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Scary694087d ago

The kung Fu looks cool I wish Sony would create a better bundle that way you can get 2 controllers, the camera and the game. Guess I will wait and see what they will have when September gets here.

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