Star Wars The Old Republic game testing has started

The first stage of 'game testing' ( they're not quite calling it beta) started today for Bioware's up and coming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic.

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chak_3024d ago

familly and friends then.

quick quick quick !!

Darkfiber3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Meh. It's an MMO for single player people, which means no one will play it past the first month because most single player folks don't play a game for more than a month without getting bored (or more than a week in most cases) and they definitely wont shell out $15 a month for it. Most of them are afraid of subscription fees.

As for MMO people, most aren't interested in this boring, outdated piece of crap. I've played the same autotarget 123456 game a million times, I have no interest in playing it again, Bioware or not. They had so much potential to do something new and different in this game but they ended up making it a WoW clone in the end anyway.

Here's a tip: people don't want WoW. WoW is 6 years old. The ONLY reason people still even PLAY WoW is because virtually every other MMO out there is a clone of WoW, offering the exact same game but with less polish and less content, so they go back to playing the real thing instead of a half-assed knock off. People want new. People want innovative. They don't want gameplay from the 90s. You could have had the best MMO out there but you decided to make it with gameplay that puts you to sleep and plain, textureless cartoony graphics because that's what WoW did. It's the same problem with Sony and Microsoft's motion controls copying the Wii. Most people didn't want motion controls, they wanted the Wii, and Motion controls are NOT the reason it sold, just like WoW's combat and graphics are NOT the reason WoW sold, so why in the world would you copy it? Do a little research before pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into a game, Jesus.

The ONLY reason this game will sell is on hype/Star Wars license alone. Subscribers will drop fast.