Wired Fans: NCAA Football 11 Video Game Review “No TD, but it moves the chains”

NCAA Football 10 was not a bad game; however, it was hard not see the game as Madden’s little bother and a second string game. It had some unique community features, but did not push the core gameplay forward. And anyone who’s ever watched football knows you need to be running north and south and not side to side. Thankfully, the team at EA Tiburon stepped in to build a game that can truly push the chains forward. It may not have reached the end zone yet, but NCAA Football 11 is a clear first down and highly worth your money, even if you are just a casual college football fan.

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ThePimpOfSound3021d ago

Clearly this game needs more LeBron.

cain1413021d ago

That man is unavoidable right now. He's being treated like he is a god.

johnbknight3021d ago

at least some Strasburg...

Spydr073021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

He is treated like he's a god and it's stupid. I'd hate to be in his shoes. Always compared to MJ and Kobe. Really? Analysts expect him to drag a bunch of wannabes to a championship? Jordan had Pippen his whole career. Dennis Rodman didn't hurt either. He also had some amazing 3-point shooters, as well. Not to mention Phil Jackson. I don't even think Kobe had Jordan's supporting cast (lately, not counting the Shaq years)...tho it's still better than LBJ's with Lamar Odom and some others, but still. There has never been a more pressured athlete to achieve greatness than LBJ.

On topic, I've thought NCAA was better than Madden for years. Somehow, Madden just lost its magic several years back. The feel of the game has changed. 2005 or 2006 had to have been the best Madden game. Looking forward to getting NCAA 11 after deployment.

iceman063021d ago

I agree about the pressure. But, he invited that when he was the self proclaimed "King". As for your assessment of the Bulls and MJ. I have to disagree somewhat. The thing about that team was that Phil Jackson was able to get players that worked in HIS system...which surrounded a key player (MJ). They were a supporting cast. A rebounder, a pure shooter, a versatile small forward. From that, he and MJ created stars from cosmic dust. Scotty Pippen was really only the Scotty Pippen that we know when he had MJ at his side. That was because the system was a compliment to his style. When MJ was gone, Scotty struggled. When Scotty left the team, he struggled. Kobe has had more because he has had at least a competent small forward, plus a true scoring power forward...and a couple good centers. On to LBJ...he has had a team that was able to get to the playoffs and perform admirably. But, winning championships is about growing pains and getting over the hump. The Bulls had the Pistons, and then New York in their way. The Cavs have had Orlando and the Celtics. However, the difference is that the Cavs kept searching for an identity outside of give the ball to LeBron. All in all...good comment.

On Topic: I have always liked the NCAA games better than Madden and often wished that certain aspects of that game were included in Madden. Especially the wealth of animations, which Madden seemed to cut down for some reason.

cain1413021d ago

I really was not a huge fan of last years game, which is wierd since I normally prefer it to Madden. Glad this years is improved...

BetaChris3021d ago

Nice job on cleverly inserting song references at key points ;)

cain1413021d ago

Haha I thought that was funny too

mr durand pierre3021d ago

If only real football had more Bohemian Rhapsody...

finch8653021d ago

I glad that the positives outweigh the negatives

Funky Town_TX3021d ago

We don't have very many options to pick from for CFB. The fact that you can tweek things like tackiling and blocking and getting off blocks makes some of the negatives mute. I can't wait to get my hands on this.

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