Court Hearing Tomorrow in Case Against NCAA and EA Sports

The latest step in the legal challenge from former collegiate athletes against the NCAA and EA Sports takes place tomorrow. A look at the latest on the story and what it could mean for sports video games in the future.

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dktxx23460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

We need to fix our freakin' court system. Holy crap. A case shouldn't take years to end. Imagine all the money we could save doing just that. It could solve our budget deficit.

On topic, artists need the freedom to use what they see as inspiration. Even if its some smuck who plays basketball in the NCAA, then its ok by me. However, I wouldn't call a football simulation game art.

And also I don't think EA should be at all involved with the case. The Collegiate licensing company are the ones who sold their images to EA, legally. EA did nothing wrong. IF its found the the players deserve payment, then EA should just lose the right to use them until they pay, if they want to.

RayRay363460d ago

The players should be payed without a doubt. EA makes millions off of college kids who play basketball, and dont even dot even pay the players. The only thing missing from the depth charts are the actual names.

sdclipper3460d ago

How do you decide who gets how much? And how could EA/NCAA afford to pay 15,000 players every year?

dktxx23460d ago

Its not EA's fault the players don't get don't get paid. It's the NCAA's. It's not EA's responsibility to pay for every person's image they use, thats the Licensing company's job. But Its set up to where players are forbidden to receive any payment for their college sports career. That's NCAA rule #1.

Blame the NCAA, its their rule.

RayRay363460d ago

Yeah I should have thought about that. I wasnt thinking about EA having to have a license to use their names. The NCAA is crooked all around though. Look at the OSU players. 'You can play in the Sugar Bowl, but next season your missing the next 5 games.' Its all about money to them, & the players defintley deserve a cut.

ChristianGamer3460d ago

How would you like if somebody made a movie based on your life without your permission, made $450 million profit and gave you zip for it

dktxx23460d ago

I said inspiration, not plagiarism.

SactoGamer3460d ago

Even if games can no longer use actual player likenesses (which I don't think they technically do), I'd just re-name my school's roster like I do every year as it is.