Top Ten Best College Football Games of All-Time

From the feature top list:

"With the release of NCAA ’13 happening just this past week, college football fans have a new installment to look forward to and spend countless hours with. It’s no doubt that the college game day atmosphere has been the most captivating experience in the NCAA football franchise. More recently NCAA has dominated the college football video game market, rivaling the next level Madden series, but what about the others? In truth, this titanic football series tends to dwarf other college football gaming competition with relentless annual releases and more realistic and detailed game play. So, look no further NCAA football fans and prepare yourselves for nostalgia overload as we present the top ten greatest college football games of all-time."

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LaurenKB1233354d ago

Hate sports games, but whatever...

UltimaEnder3354d ago

13 would definitely make the list!