InFamous 2: Analyzing Cole's New Abilities

"I do have a theory on where Sucker Punch may be headed with Cole's new powers though. They have already teased us with Cole's display of an ice ability which was noticeably absent in this trailer. The internet has been abuzz, wondering how someone with electrical powers could develop ice powers??? So what do we know of Cole's abilities so far... he has mastered electricity, and now he can control ice and toss freaking tornadoes! Is no one else noticing a trend?"...

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Fierce Musashi3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I kinda liked the original syle and just electricity-based powers better. Hopefully I can look pass the changes and enjoy playing this sequel to a great game, if I get it that is.

despair3026d ago

lol if he starts riding a flying bison I'm leading a revolt.

LilSis3026d ago

i hope he doesnt shot litening anymore, that was so stuped...

Bobbykotickrulesz3026d ago

lol you know what else is "so stuped"?

Your terrible grammar.

ExplosionSauce3026d ago

The new gameplay looks sick!
I hear he'll be using more than just electricity and ice. Can't wait to see all the new tricks, or better yet, play it!

Fierce Musashi3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Yeah, it sounds cool. I am more intersted in how his new powers are explained.

But the new Cole look killed it for me a little. T.T

ChineseDemocracy3026d ago

Electricity, ice, and everything nice.

dude_uk3026d ago

lol, you've just made him into a powerpuff dude..

yeah, i know it sucked =x

Quagmire3026d ago

10 Bux says hes gonna have fire powers in 3

hazeblaze3026d ago

Well, I wouldn't mind a game that let me play as an 'adult avatar'! Lol. As for the new design to the sequel, I like everything about the sequel better except for the voice actor. I like Cole's new look, but I miss his old voice. And the city looks WAY better... more alive imo. The 1st game is still one of my top 5, so I'm not knocking it... but I think the changes they made were for the better.

Baltis3026d ago

Stupid they added ice. They should have kept him grounded in electricity. But developers always implement bad ideas into otherwise good games. They should have just gave us lightning/flash like speed and expanded his electrical powers. Got creative. They didn't do that and now it shows.

Ice is water. Electricity doesn't mix well. It's just stupid to do this.

TotalPS3Fanboy3026d ago

There's fire, wind, water, earth, metal...

Fishy Fingers3026d ago

Yeah I think his powers will become more elemental rather than just confined to one or two things.

Redempteur3026d ago

you don't even know how ice will be used but for you it's already a bad idea ...

congrats you just proved you have no imagination

hazeblaze3026d ago

Exactly, Kessler's powers had developed FAR beyond electricity... so we know they have to evolve somehow. I'm rather looking forward to experiencing that progression... I don't understand what all the complaints are about??? The gameplay looks INSANE!

I understand ppl feeling conflicted about Cole's new look... but seriously, that gameplay trailer crushed any concerns I had. inFamous 2 can't come soon enough for me!

Colonel-Killzone3026d ago

Did you come to think he will use the Ice to freeze the water ??? If there is a bunch of water blocking Cole from a certain area how about he Freeze it to get to where he needs to go. LMAO people love to hate for no reason.

ClownBelt3026d ago

"They should have just gave us lightning/flash like speed "

I really like that idea alot.

nickjkl3026d ago

because theres only so much you can do with limited button schemes and lightning based powers that have already been shown

Moonboots3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Well considering water KILLED Cole in the first game. This guy has a point..

However, who knows who this person is or maybe he has evolved but we will just wait and see. I can't get used to the drastic change of the main character so I hope it's someone else and not the same guy. It's like watching your favorite TV show and then suddenly they replace the star, distracting and story breaking for me.

All I know is I better not die in the game when I touch water or it will be a WTF moment. SP did it so they wouldn't have to do any swimming and keep you locked on land.. Not anymore if this guy is spittin ice water out of his hands.

UnSelf3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

whoever disagreed wit u is an idiot

contingent upon he still dies from water

Baltis3026d ago

Thank you. I was hoping someone here had some common sense. Ice, while not the best conductor of electricity, is still a conductor. And, given this is a topical/sub tropical/hot/humid location. Ice would last about 2 min in its temperature. Cole would be fried if he tried to freeze a body of water to gain access to another one. Use your heads people. Game or no game it is still trying to ground itself in some reality.

Remember that.

hazeblaze3026d ago

No, both of you fail. Number one, Cole was still able to manage small bodies of water in the first game. Number two, he would not need to be 'in' water in order to gain the ability to condense the natural water molecules in the air around him. But most importantly, he's a COMIC BOOK CHARACTER... so long as it is reasonably explained, he can have whatever powers the authors deem necessary. If you've played the entire first game, it's obvious that Cole's powers progress much further beyond lightning anyway. His powers will eventually evolve into the metaphysical and you have trouble contemplating ice???

Baltis3026d ago

So you're ok with him becoming Superman? Gotcha. Doesn't sound very unique to me.

Carvega3026d ago

Ummm, hell yea I'd be cool with him becoming a superman-like character!!! And it is VERY unique... considering that this is the first such game to ACTUALLY BE GOOD.

But more importantly, your comment is totally irrelevant since no one ever alluded to Cole "becoming superman". #1 - It's obvious that his powers are evolving in inFamous 2. #2- It's obvious for anyone that played the first game that his powers HAVE to evolve in order to fit the story. Really... it sounds as if you never finished the first game. The evolution of Cole's power, both his origin story & legacy, is extremely unique!!!

aaronisbla3026d ago

wait so giving him new powers makes him superman now?

Redempteur3025d ago

as long as i'm not forced to race through floating ring in the sky in a green like city i guess i can accept cole becoming more like superman

kudos for those who get the joke

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Carvega3026d ago

Everything I saw in that gameplay trailer exhibits a growth in their creativity. As the Ionic Vortex has proven, they will obviously give us even more to do with electricity. And frankly, between the first game and this gameplay trailer... Sucker Punch has not given us any reason at all to doubt their vision. It's more likely that yours is more limited than their's is.

badz1493026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

"Ice is water. Electricity doesn't mix well." - my fridge and ice maker at home use electricity, just saying! really, they can be mixed in some way!

and Cole just can't fall into the water in the 1st but he can stand alright and electrocute people standing in the same water pool on the road or the roof. he's not totally allergic to water.

but 1 part I agree is, if Sucker Punch is going to give him new powers, they will need a convincing explanation.

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Colonel-Killzone3026d ago

Cole is amazing. Ice is actually pretty good i can imagine he might use the ice to freeze water to help in the platforming department. But some people like to complain like Baltis who don't think outside of the box.

KiL-shablogin3026d ago

Ive been reading alot on n4g and recently got a username, keep up the good comments

Moonboots3026d ago

Again, water killed Cole in the first game so it's not thinking outside the box it just doesn't make sense with the first one.

I agree with you that they could have him evolve or maybe it's a totally different character.

But if it's Cole and I jump in the water outside of the city and I die it won't be thinking outside the box, it will just be stupid.

I will wait and see what they do.

Colonel-Killzone3026d ago

Thats why I said FREEZE the water to get where you need to be. Nobody knows anything in terms of how this new power is gonna work.

I'm pretty sure he wont be producing the water. Did people forget about the X-men Iceman he never had any water powers only Ice. This might be in the same formula with Cole.

Moonboots3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

What is ice?? frozen water.. is this thing on?

While ice may not conduct electricity as well as ice it is still a conductor. It will just melt (thermal energy) and then you have water and if it's coming out of Cole's body it will contain things like salt which will then be a conductor.

It really isn't something that is going to be a deal breaker for the game one way or another. And I agree we don't know how this new power is gonna work.

So I'm going to wait and see as well. It's a day one purchase I already know.. I loved the first one(Got my Platinum).

DA_SHREDDER3026d ago

LOL. I love the way everyone scrutinizes ps3 exclusives checking for the littlest flaws. Its almost like they cant believe their own eyes with every preview that I seen for almost every AAA ps3 exclusive. Its like it burns their soul with every new release. And yes, im not over exaggerating.

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