GGTL Exclusive Video: Seven Minutes of SOCOM 4 Using Playstation Move

[email protected] | "Like a new pair of pants, you never really know whether or not a fresh piece of gaming hardware is going to fit until you try it on. Such is the case for Playstation Move. For most gamers, this is impossible, as they would have to A) accost a Sony employee, B) pull off an elaborate scheme in which they pose as a mustachioed foreign third-party developer, or C) create a time machine that could bring them back to the E3, in order to get their hands on the system."

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blind-reaper3076d ago

check out at 2:39 The identification of the dude who is playing says "Nintendo NOE" lol I guess he is scouting competition.

Conloles3075d ago

Looks accurate as a mouse! /s

Elvfam5113076d ago

"He tickle the .. intriguing" lol

killyourfm3076d ago

"Look deep into its glowing ball"

PhilipLarkin3076d ago

The guy behind the camera is really funny =P

HolyOrangeCows3076d ago

"Now he's going in, direct center; Just like a Navy Seal"


spandexxking3076d ago

"spray and pray, just like a Navy Seal"
that made me laugh

Fishy Fingers3076d ago

Usually hate off screen, but the dudes narration is great.

Panthers3076d ago

I really want to see more gameplay using the DS3. I am not getting the move so I am hoping it plays great using the DS3

T9X693076d ago

I want to see MP, I've been a SOCOM fan since the first one and played the 2nd one for 6 years. If this game don't give me the kind of experience SOCOM 2 gave me, then I lost hope for SOCOM.

talltony3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Socom 2 was the first mp game I really liked.

NoOoB1013076d ago

Ya i want to see Mp as well, but it looks like it might have health regen which is bad for mp. I hope its not in MP. I'm hoping this game will replace Socom confrontation for me but so far from what iv seen i just don't know yet.

NoBias3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

In Zipper's most recent podcast they didn't touch much on Multiplayer specifics but they did say that we'll have the classic camera option available. They also said that Multiplayer will definitely be different from Single player.

I highly doubt they wont have a mode in MP that has health bars. I mean, thats SOCOM! If they put health regen in MP, hopefully it's in a specific room type like respawn or something. It better not be in ranked rooms.

Check out the podcast though, if you're a hardcore SOCOM loyalist like myself, you'll definitely enjoy the listen!

S2 is the greatest. So many hours... Days...

NoOoB1013075d ago

@ no biased
Thank you. I would be very unhappy if health regen was in Mp. I could careless about SP but Mp has always been what makes Socom. Nothing like killing someone who has been talking trash then standing over there body and letting them know that you just wiped their face across the ground =D
I'm still a little undecided about the cover system though. We will see how it plays out i suppose. Just going to have to adapt to it.

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Danja3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

LOL Ofcourse its gonna play great with DS3 , but Sony is demonstrating this game with the move because Socom is probably there most hardcore franchise or was , so they are trying ot appeal to there core audience also to buy and support the move

Dlacy13g3076d ago

I got hands on time with the DS3 and Socom at E3, it played very well. In fact I enjoyed it more than Killzone 3. I felt the controls were really well suited on the DS3. If you like will enjoy this game.

thehitman3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I seen som1 ask for som1 to play with the DS3 what will be the difference seeing them play with a DS3 than any other Socom game?? Or game period for that matter?. Move is just a controller just like driving wheels/joystics and other types of controllers.

Mista T3076d ago

sure, but your just gonna get pwned by people with Move because of more precision

NoBias3076d ago

My ass MOVE will give you more precision than DS3. The sticks are responsive and all but I mean, COME ON.

The hardcore SOCOM veterans are going to eat people alive who play with MOVE. Bet.

Cuz I will be 8)

NoOoB1013075d ago

While I do think MOVE may have the advantage..We Socom vets play Socom because of the challenge. MOVE just gives another challenge to topple and the Socom vets will do it and earn a trophy while they are at it ;)
I'll be one of the DS3 users and it looks like i might have to up my game.

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Baba19063076d ago

cant wait to get this and the move =D awesome.

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