Eurogamer: Brink PS3 Hands On

Eurogamer: "We've already poured over the character customisation suite, which allows you to build a fighter in the authoritarian Security forces, or in the trampy Resistance, with their discarded car number plates and tyre cuttings for shoulder pads, bin liners for sleeves and toxic war paint. We've also been told about the objective wheel, your constant guide to what's next, and Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain (SMART), the brilliantly-monikered vaulting and climbing aid.

But up to now we haven't had a chance to put its ambitious designs to the test. Interestingly, when we do it's on a PlayStation 3 - Splash Damage apparently keen to demonstrate that it's not only taking on some of the biggest challenges in the genre, but that it's not scared of doing so on famously challenging hardware either. The game's also due out for PC and Xbox 360, supported by the usual pre-release claims that each version will be largely identical to the next."

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Faztkiller3119d ago

I have a feeling brink is going to be awesome Can't Wait

ForceCSW3118d ago

Like some sort of cross between Team Fortress and Mirrors Edge perhaps? Although I'm a little concerned about the multi/single-player experience, I feel it may lead to a disjointed narrative...I really like what hear about the gameplay though.

Red-Dead-Roar3118d ago

i wish everybody had as much input as you in every comment they made. ignore

talltony3118d ago

You can download a brink ps3 walkthrough off the ps store. Check out what it looks like in HD.

HolyOrangeCows3118d ago

It's definitely sounding good.

"supported by the usual pre-release claims that each version will be largely identical to the next"
Hopefully they make a great PS3 version.
They don't really mention the Ps3 version's graphics. Probably a good sign from Eurogamer; if the Ps3 version weren't as good as the 360 version, they would be bombing on it.

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chak_3119d ago

last video I saw was awesomly sleepy. Everything was so slow it was almost a pain to watch.

Don't misunderstand me, I love the concept, the art direction, the graphics, but the move was wayyy to slow.

They need to make it more fast, a little bit like TF2 to make it exciting

StanLee3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

I agree that gameplay videos coming out of E3 were a bit pedestrian but I still have high hopes for the title. I just hope it's not another APB, where we've waited so long for a game and in the end it's underwhelming.

OneSneakyMofo3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

It's Brink for PS3. *expects negative comments when reading Eurogamer*

Edit: Welp, nothing but praise from Eurogamer. I can't wait for this game. Playing against other humans to try and beat the Single Player campaign? Sold.

trounbyfire3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

wait what happened LOL @ those people

Chubear3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

they've now turned to Rage as the new last great hope. I count 5 multiplat games now that were all supposed to show the 360 can outpace the PS3 and still trying to match, an essetially, 2008 game in Killzone2.

Who wants to guess what's next after RAGE?

Sad how they look for salvation from multiplat games and show no shame like they're Demon Souls/Halo3 comparisons. One a multimillion seller with prequels and massives resources over a new low budget IP that still looks better on an HDtv than Halo3 but ofcourse they prefer to use lame assed screen shots - no shame, that should be they;re new motto

Fireseed3118d ago

Brinks seems like the game Shadowrun should have been. Even though I still love Shadowrun :D

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