Brink: Five Reasons To Revisit The Forgotten Parkour Shooter

Today (May 10) marks the fifth anniversary of Brink; an often overlooked FPS for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Here are five reasons to get back to the forgotten parkour shooter.

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iDadio2204d ago

I had high hopes for this after Enemy Territory but it just didn't tick the boxes for me

Perjoss2204d ago

It had some neat ideas but it kind of felt like too many people were fighting over design choices and in the end it was just a bit simplistic.

Utalkin2me2204d ago

There was a reason it was overlooked.

TheClown282204d ago

Watched tons of videos of this game before launch and had it preordered months in advance when they first put up gameplay footage canceled almost immediately
Rented it through gamefly man that was good call as this game was just horrible everything about it was obviously put to together way to fast almost like a quick cash grab in the fps market at the time

jukins2204d ago

I know I'm in the minority but I actually had fun with this game. It was rough and at times down right bad but when it did all click and you happened to get a full game of people knowing how to play it was surpringly fun. Would lIke to see another try but I know that won't happen

Saijahn2204d ago

I definitely enjoyed the game. It didn't live up to what the devs described as far as customization and matchmaking was beyond terrible, enemies were ridiculous bullet sponges..but overall it was an enjoyable experience despite the glaring issues.

WellyUK2204d ago

it was a decent game on PC but on consoles it was very poor, never seen such bad texture pop-in and lagg ever.

detroitmademe2204d ago

Lol the graphics weren't the problem for this game. It was all a gameplay and content issue. The game was pitched as a mesh of singleplayer and multiplayer but ultimately what it ended up being was a multiplayer competitive styled shooter that could be played offline with bots. So basically the singleplayer was the exact same as the multiplayer but with bots. no thank you

MasterD9192204d ago

I'd be willing to bet there are 5 players still playing this at best.

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