PS3 Pre-Order hits at £549.99.

A PS3 bundle has hit for UK consumers to pre-order. The bundle comes with 60GB HDD & 3 Games (Formula One 06 / Warhawk / Singstar) all for a £549.99 (about $980).

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silent ninja5109d ago

feel sorry for those living in the U.K with that price

Wotbot5109d ago

This is just crazy money, only one of the games in the pack might be worth having.

I want a PS3 but I will settle for my 360 at the moment. Maybe when some more good games come out.

RealDoubleJ5109d ago

They learnt from the X360 launch, stuff all the consoles into bundles and people will still eat it up if there's a limited amount of PS3's available. The European Sony representative stated that the UK price would be £425 and only the 60GB HD model would be available. As reassuring as that was, it looks like retailers won't allow that to happen. Well, I'm gonna be selling Formula One as soon as I get it out of the package so I'm hoping there's more than 3 titles coming out to swap for it.

TheMART5109d ago

The console and the price is really crap

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