FIFA 11: Only '20%' of features revealed

EA has only revealed 20% of FIFA 11's new features, reckons PSM3 magazine.

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Starlight3029d ago

This means, the majority of features will come from Manager Mode. (hopefully)

Red-Dead-Roar3029d ago

manager mode sure needs a total overhauling.

Coheno3029d ago

Haven't they only revealed Personality+?

Anyway, EA is upping the ante with 11 since 10 was such a HUGE succes! Tey will be investing more in this one...

maverick11913029d ago

no they have revealed fifa theatre

fifa theatre - save gameplay vids straight to your hard drive and watch them later


in game music and custom chants

and yeh i hope the other features are to do with manager mode that was buggy as hell on fifa 10

Coheno3029d ago

Ahh cool, didn't know that! In-game music is always a win!

ProA0073029d ago

That's because 80% of the other features are features from FIFA 10 with a new name and logo.

Red-Dead-Roar3029d ago

yeah right. you know they are saving some for 2012 right...? ;)

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3029d ago

Fifa world cup had a lot better gameplay than fifa 10. If they tweak it slightly for fifa 11 it'll be worth my money imo.

BYE3029d ago

I hope part of the other 80% is using a new graphics engine to replace the outdated last gen one.

Red-Dead-Roar3029d ago

fifa10 was awesome compared to 8&9.. your point being?

BYE3029d ago

I'm not questioning the game, Fifa 09 was awesome too. But Fifa 11 isn't going to look any different, apart from a few features.

Madden got a major overhaul, so why not Fifa?

the_union_of_PS3603029d ago

ceekay usual graphics whore hmmmmmmmmmm maybe a ps3 fanboy THAT'S IT

KingPin3029d ago

what does wanting better graphics have to do with being a ps3 fanboy? theres nothing wrong with wanting better visuals for a sports title. lets face it, how much more could they change a soccer "sim".the rules will always be the rules.with that said, by your logic, someone who wants better gameplay would be a xbox360 fanboy.

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The story is too old to be commented.