E3 2010: Kinect Game Video vs Real Video

Here is a side by side comparison on how players look playing the skiing game on Kinect vs how they look in game. You can see the game detecting his changing in posture and footing.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I wonder how much they paid that journalist to pretend his actually doing that...j/k

Hallmark Moment3963d ago

I can't even grasp what you just said. I don't think media being paid off jokes are funny regardless of intent(conspiracy theory stance or pun at the expense of the haters)

AAACE53963d ago

So many said that Kinect is nothing but the PS eye! Yet, for some reason they still don't believe that a camera can capture a persons actions when it has already been done... Can someone explain this to me?

Blaze9293963d ago

I'd have to agree on that. Did look pretty cool. But not skiing - I can imagine a snowboarding game for Kinect which 'might' be pretty cool.

colonel1793963d ago

There is A LOT of lag! . Who knows if it's because of the video, or because there is lag in the game, but when he swings his arms back, the character in-game have them up front. Is like, guy:front->character: back, guy: back-> character: front

Bilzac3963d ago

That is what I noticed. There is quite a bit of lag.

Donny3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

i remember seeing alot of lag at e32010, anyone still got those videos? you will earn a bubble+.

Blaze9293963d ago

the real question is does it even matter? If it doesn't effect the ability to play the game properly and with enjoyment then who cares. I think we understand by now that Kinect will not be used for hardcore games that require precision.

If it still 'works' then lag doesn't matter and remember, this is for the casual market. They don't care about that kind of stuff. If they can still slap red balls around then it works to them.

Omegasyde3963d ago

Uh, lag does matter.

Wow. Talk about denial. I pray you were being sarcastic Blaze.
"If it doesn't effect the ability to play the game properly and with enjoyment then who cares."


CrippleH3963d ago

Weak excuse. Lag does matter in any game, which is why 60 frames per second is so important in terms of smooth gameplay and response. I wouldn't even count Casual games out of it because in a casual game that involves the body it's even more vital. I do not want to wave my arm and see/know it will react to it 1/4-1/2 second later. That would kill the whole experience.

It's the same reason why I quit playing Wii sports when I found out how swinging differently did absolutely nothing.

AridSpider3963d ago

it's funny how it's always the same idiotic fanboys who have a problem with Kinect lag vs those who have actually played it. Blaze is right. Everyone who has played and tried Kinect all say lag is there but it DOES NOT EFFECT THE GAME AT ALL. Remember these are CASUAL games. If it still works then who cares!? Take the Endadget Show Episode 10 for example where it literally asked about the lag and everyone said they didn't even FEEL it and they were still able to play the game well.

@51:35 "There is a lag but when you're playing there wasn't something where I felt like 'why isn't my arm getting me into the air!?' You don't FEEL it."

So yes, Blaze is right. If it doesn't ruin the game where you are literally doing actions 30 seconds after you do it, then why complain if it works and the game still plays well? Not like we're playing Call of Duty with Kinect now. These are CASUAL games.

idiots. Bubble up for you Blaze. One of only few with damn sense on this site anymore. Forget the disagrees - just haters and people who all have NOT even had a chance to BREATHE on Kinect yet, yet alone play it.

commodore643963d ago

not sure i understand this lag issue...

KZ2 has proven 150ms input lag (not including display lag!) yet ps3 fans love this game.

How come lag doesn't matter when it's KZ2, yet it does when it's kinect?
You guys crack me up.

moparful993963d ago

Dude honestly if you can sit there and say that lag is acceptable then you just need to sell off your games and consoles and find a new hobby.. You and I both know just how frustrating lag can be.. You can quote whoever you want but people "talk" way to much. I see a video of a technology that was promised to be ultra precise but instead we get a dumptruck load of ultra casual and wii knock offs that are far from precise.. I'm not paying 149 for this crap.

kalebgray923963d ago

that lag had purpose as to give the illusion of weight... and can be adjusted... kinect just has lag period... which sucks yeah ... but to be honest no hardcore gamers will be using it... ima play my preordered halo reach with a controller.... let the kids use kinect....

CrawFail3963d ago


I'd love to see where your proof of 150ms of input lag is. I don't see any lag with Killzone 2, especially not 150ms of it.

Oner3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Actually Commodore is partly* correct but with an asterisk to be explained...Killzone 2 definitely had input lag. But that has since been addressed. The "feeling" of weight was NOT lag, they were 2 separate things that people confused. The best way to prove this is how after they fixed the MINOR input delay issue the game STILL had weight to it's "feel" ~ thus 2 separate things. Either way this is just Commodore's usual trolling & trying to pass off misinformation as something factual.

bviperz3962d ago

Damn, this is the kind of acceptance of second rate development that isn't acceptable. No gamer should accept second best because than second best would become normal.

scoobysnacks3962d ago

Commodore64, why perpetuate the same lie/false information, when you’ve been shown in a previous article/s to be lying?

My guess is that you’ve said the same untruthful statement here because the previous article where your deception (just 15 days ago) took place, very few people read, as the article failed to get approval. Well that and the fact your a rabid 360 fanboy who never has a good word to say about Sony/PS3. Oh would you look at that, that last sentence of mine just answered my question in the first.

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Kill Crow3963d ago

They used the Killzone realism effect, you know when you're holding skii poles it'd make your movements slightly sluggish and therefore the movemt needs to be deliberatly slowed down .. it's realism .. its a reality simulator ..

you guys are waaay behind ... Killzone 2 is old news and so is reality

Fireseed3963d ago

Unfortunately unlike the other super human androids here i cannot look at two images at once and discern whether their is lag or not:(

Handsome_Devil3963d ago

Dude if you consider this super human, you better not game or talk with me.

the norm. for me while gaming would be the following:-

1- skype with one headset in my right ear.
2- laptop on my right side so I can type and surf the net if needed. (once I had two laptops)
3- phone headset on my left ear in case some on call.
4- thanks to the official PS headset, I have it set to be like a stand mic. therefore; i can talk to the peeps in the game.
5- most importantly my controller in my hands ;).

sometimes i engage in conversations, if i have anyone with me in the room while I do all of these. No joke in here i do all of it at once :S

Now let the disagrees rain on me :P

T9X693963d ago

So basically your a woman, who can have 15 conversations going at once and know every little detail in every single on of them?

Omegasyde3963d ago

I pray Handsome Devil doesn't have a driving license.

Handsome_Devil3963d ago

@T9X69, nope I'm a full grown 24 years old man. just with the ability to multitasking (the exception of the rule ;))

@Omegasyde actually instead of the driving, go with the patients I'm going to have (studying medicine at the moment:P)

and for the 4 disagrees I got, would you care to elaborate?!

DethWish3963d ago

Im a super human android, and im lonely :'(

moparful993963d ago

Dude its called peripheral vision.. I could easily track the motion of his arms while I watched the in game footage.. Not that hard especially if you play games online at all.. If you do then I bet you get owned quite a bit...

Fireseed3962d ago

Them theirs fightin words. All I'm sayin is that I can't make a fair assessment of it, but if you'd like to prove that it's just that I have bad vision then lets play. PM me for a challenge!

Fireseed3962d ago

Okay here is a sure fired way to show the timing pause the video when his arms are as far back as they can go. From what I'm seeing the character on screen is in the exact same position.

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