OnLive has arrived, but does it live up to the hype?

Takacs writes: The first game I decided to try out was Just Cause 2 and I was incredibly impressed with how well the service performed. The game loaded up very quickly, and looked great. Surprisingly, the controls were extremely responsive, and it was actually hard to tell that the game was not running on my own machine. I’m running a previous-generation white Macbook that, under ordinary circumstances, would not have any chance of running this game or most others on the service.

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playstation_clan3965d ago

because i didnt see ads of it here on N4G (*cough new xbox *cough *cough)

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sid4gamerfreak3965d ago

"OnLive has arrived, but does it live up to the hype?"


Simple yet effective answer

BattleAxe3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Agreed. STEAM FTW!!!

HolyOrangeCows3965d ago

Looks like the "Just wait!" cult was wrong about Onlive, too.

ProjectVulcan3965d ago

It works fine it seems, but with compromises. Namely image quality. Even a low end machine can match or exceed that being pumped out by onlive without the fees and other associated unattractive attachments. Any dual core and graphics card better than a radeon 4650 will dish out onlive beating visuals

Serg3965d ago

Well I'll take the compromises over MS Windows any time, I hate rebooting my PC just to play games. OnLive doesn't have a native Linux plugin yet, I hope they will bring one in the future, around the time they launch in Europe would be great.

But on topic, the possibilities of OnLive are endless, you can play on your TV, your PC, Mac, even your cellphone, although 3G is too slow for this, WiFi might be an option on handsets. You can play all your games at a buddies house without bringing anything over, without installing, without worrying about savegames, you can check out games by watching other people play them. You can play at school, in a cafe, while travelling. I absolutely love the idea of it.

It also helps seeing it as an addition, not a replacement of current gaming possibilities. True you can only play the games you buy on OnLive, and the subscription fee is not really cheap, but as time goes I think publishers will see that they can't slap the current price tag on OnLive games, 70 bucks for, I believe it was Splinter Cell, no way. But I still have faith in the service.

If the service takes off, we might even see something like Sony's E3 booth in Home, where you can walk up to a game and hit play... just imagine, so freaking awesome.

IaMs123964d ago

Sounds like you need a new PC there

El_Colombiano3964d ago

Speaking about 3G not being able to support this, you need to remember that 720p is not the resolution that needs to be streamed. At most 800x480.

Parapraxis3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

What is OnLive?

I know what it is, but honestly, I don't think there is much awareness in the general consumer market.

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Pillville3965d ago

I have it installed. I played Borderlands, and I really couldn't tell it wasn't playing on my machine. I'm was using an iMac with a somewhat crappy video card.

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