Top 4 Cool Improvements in Infamous 2

However, the if the recently released gameplay trailer is an indication of the changes that the developer has put into place with the upcoming sequel, Infamous 2 is looking to be one solid hit when it is up for release sometime next year (Spring anyone?).

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T9X693963d ago

My only complaint is the voice acting for Cole, its terrible. The rest of what we seen so far is awesome.

HelghastKid3963d ago

ummm no it wasnt lol and he had like one line. I can understand that you guys dont like the new design, but there's no reason to start hating the other aspects of Cole.

Kevin ButIer3962d ago

but i just cant get used to the new Cole, mainly because the old one was so bad ass and perfect for the mood of this game. :\

NecrumSlavery3962d ago

everyone hated old cole cause he was too generic. he's got some personality now, and everyone rather have the old cole. just be grateful he's not a vampire or emo.

and after seeing that insanely awesome gameplay trailer on GTTV, cole can sport a schoolgirl outfit for all i care. that was incredible on so many levels. i have never seen a sandbox game with so much structure, and speed, fluid cutscene transitions, and environmental eye candy like this. the destructibility is so amazing looking as well.

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PCnPS3Gamer3962d ago

dont forget about gay shirt. lol i find coles new look more funny, rather then a reason to sway me from playing infamous 2.tbh im just happy the graphics arent shit this time around....playing infamous 1 the other day and i was wondering if sucker punch heard of Anti aliasing at the time haha....gameplay is fun though.

doesnt help ive been uncharted 2ized and killzowned lol

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jeseth3962d ago

1) Cole now looks more homosexual. For inFamous2 we are going to cut his nuts off, give him stylized facial hair, a metro haircut, and the most rediculous tattoos ever.

Seriously, the "new" Cole looks like a fairy.

N4BmpS3962d ago

Maybe you're gay and you need to vent your frustrations on inFAMOUS2's design ever thought about that? You seem to be hopping on Cole's looks so either you are homophobic or you're an idiot or you're scared and gay yourself; get over it please, you sound like a child.

simplyRealistic183962d ago

Truthfully, i agree with Jeseth, they did make cole look more homosexual, the old cole need a new look, thats why i agree with sucker punch, but whats up with the tight-ass leather pant

What they did is like if Marvel switch out Thor for Static Shock

btw, the voice over is fine
(no stealth disagree, please tell me why)

SeanRL3962d ago

lol at the stealth disagree.

Panthers3962d ago

i thought he sounded fine. it wasnt the same as before tho but whatever. Ill get used to it soon enough

TheTwelve3963d ago

...I mean, seriously? I'm getting excited like I did for GOW3


Boody-Bandit3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I watched the gameplay footage over a dozen times and I keep coming away saying this has to be bullshot/video. I mean does this sandbox actually look this freaking amazing? Infamous was one of my favorite titles released so far this generation. I completed it 4 times! I enjoyed it that much.

The only thing I wished for was more polished graphics and smoother game play for the sequel. I wasn't expecting this big of a jump. This game, for a sandbox game, is mind blowing eyegasmic.

Spenok3962d ago

So true. The first one was awesome, and 2 looks to be something truely amazing. Other posts have said its leap from the first is on par with how uncharte jumped from 1 to 2. And it truely is. I simply cant wait to get my hands on 2.

danielle0073963d ago

I kind of hate how Infamous 2 articles are everywhere right now.. Yes, it looks super duper amazing, and I want it, but it's not even out until next year.

I hate hype-trains. I'm too impatient, and too easily uber excited about amazing games.

Also, those improvements sound awesome. Bastards.

Nike3963d ago

It's N4G. This place is a venerable mega terminal for PS3 exclusive hype trains. :)

Though yes, inFamous 2 is looking great. It's too bad it'll be released next year but if they make it as good as the trailers have shown, then it'll be worth it.

On another note (since I didn't see you after the E3 conference): Portal 2 ZOMGWTFEPICWIN. xD

DigitalAnalog3962d ago

I don't know about you, but even though that was still alpha code, it was very legitimately a GAMEPLAY video as opposed to a pre-rendered one.

-End statement

SilverSlug3963d ago

I love that already. It was like Jet Set Radio zipping through lines. How can anyone hate Jet Set RadiO!?

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