MAG was intended to be a 6v6 multiplayer, 3 PMCs on one Map coming

On the Latest Zipper Podcast, Jay Embry, Test Lead at Zipper. discusses stories of odd and interesting, err, “features” that were removed from MAG prior to hitting store shelves. Also he says MAG was suppose to be a 6v6 but wanted to go BIG and big as 256. Then he talks about 3-PMCs in one match is coming this summer. Also discusses possibility of a MAG demo and SOCOM 4 Beta.

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Newtype3963d ago

WOW. 3 PMC in ONE map? WOW.

-Alpha3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

That's what I've been asking from them for so long. It's the logical way to end the game with a bang before they release Socom 4.

As for 6v6 multiplayer, it's all about the gameplay design. 6 v 6 sounds highly tactical, and the game of course would be completely different, but what they ended up doing was a much more ambitious title that was able to stick out because of it.

Spenok3963d ago

This would be EPIC. I cant wait for it. Sounds pretty chaotic/fun.

ThanatosDMC3963d ago

They should have a demo but allow vets to destroy the noobs. It'll probably be Suppression demo instead of the other four modes.

arakouftaian3963d ago

MAG offers a new experience for console gamers
buts it was not needed.
Socom is needed and Socom 4 will be epic?
i play it at the e3 show and it was perfect.

RememberThe3573963d ago

No on plays this game. I just got off and you have to wait 20+ minutes for the larger game types.

Plus, this really isn't a 60 dollar game. I hate to say it but it isn't. Content wise it is really lacking, there aren't that many weapons, there is obviously no single player, and the controls are a bit clunky. I think it would have been much better as a third person shooter.

-Alpha3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Well he's right, the game is shrinking noticeably. This is the problem with having such a huge multiplayer game-- players become so much more crucial-- ESPECIALLY with a game like MAG that not only requires a huge number of players, but splits those players by 3 factions.

On top of that the DLC alienates the community some more. It's not going to have legs like Killzone (as an exclusive's comparison), but that's because of the nature of the game.

I too wait upwards of 10 minutes to find a game sometimes and it does suck, but I can still find games nonetheless.

SOAD3963d ago

Zipper must have had their hands full with optimizing the netcode to run 256 players in one match at once. Now that they've managed that and laid the groundwork, they can make their next games more content heavy.

NEWSWATCHERS3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )


They have a dedicated department for that, engineers? Th people who improve the engine, graphics, netcode. They might even have a dedicated team for networking.

But this has nothing to do with the map designers, content designers or the people who develop content for the game.

So content deisnger, like map desingers =/= engineers or netcode team, they are both seperate teams.

They dont say "Hey, we dont have the network working, lets stop making the game".

If they have a idea about how many people are going be per match they start making the maps to cater to that many people.

So what makes you think they will develop more content then they did this time? Unless the hire more people, If they make a sequal they would still have to make a new menu etc.

I can agree that if they were intending for this game to be 6 vs 6 and made some maps for that, then had to cancel it, that would of slowed them down or they would of just made them bigger.

So what im trying to say is, Map makers,content designers and thoes people are a differnet team and the Engineers or netcode people are a different team so they dont work together like engineers making maps and map designers improving the engine, they have seperate people for that!

So I dont think there will any more content then there was this time.

SOAD3963d ago

A dedicated department? Zipper are a small group of devs. I doubt they have a department.

PoSTedUP3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

it is all under one budget, and money is limited. so zipper working on MAG AND socom takes time and money. they have to work with their budget so everyone gets paid fairly. this is how most dev teams work, and this is why sequels usually tend to have more content and are over all better quality. plus getting that 256 players in once map thing probably took a lot out of them i would think.

@ rememb357- i guess just that the fact that they gt the 256 up and running and the huge maps is why they decided to price it like that. socom was only $40, and was updated with content much later on. hope to see the same for mag ya know.

Nykamari3963d ago

I play everyday to be honest, MAG is to me one of the best FPS I've played. I think the learning curve too tough for most people. You can't just pick and play MAG, you must adapt constantly and depend on your teammates.

RememberThe3573963d ago

And to be clear I'm not bashing the game. It is just very rough around the edges. I got my copy for 45 buck so I feel like I'm getting my moneys worth.

But to your comment, MAG is definitely not pick up and play game. If you want a game to just stick back and shoot shit this is not the one. I hear you on that. I was in that mood today and I just couldn't play MAG today because to have fun you really have to work with people and earn your win.

My biggest beef with the game is the controls. I've got them in the sweetest place I can get them but they still feel a bit clunky. I keep working on sensitivity but I can't find that golden spot that I have found with other shooters.

Big Frank3963d ago

"I play everyday to be honest, MAG is to me one of the best FPS I've played".

Well since you've obviously played very little FPSs, who cares? Its a terrible horrible game.

PS3 fans always say stupid things like that and it's always so obvious to the rest of the world that they don't have a clue what they're talking about.

wicko3963d ago


Seriously what is your favourite shooter? You must have played so many and your opinion is absolute!

I have never played MAG and I don't really intend to but I can see why someone would like it. I don't feel the need to troll someone about it like you clearly do.

ThanatosDMC3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I have mine set at 40 horizontal and vertical. It's perfect in my opinion anything slower will get you killed and any faster will not let you get headshots in rows.

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Umbrella Corp3963d ago

What are you talking about the wait is 3 min max with the new update...

roguewarrior3963d ago

i was playing the DLC map, at 3:00am EST, and it took a while to get in to a game. no problems getting in to other game types.

BabyTownFrolics3963d ago

that is complete and utter bs,

interdiction, domination, acquistion can all take upwards of 10 or minutes to get into a game. If your lucky you squeak into one before the rooms are filled.

The only game that starts quickly is sabotage

its a matter of player count

not enough people are playing the game

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Colonel-Killzone3963d ago

Mag is a really good FPS. To bad people bash it before giving it a chance.

Big Frank3963d ago

No it's not, it's one of the worst FPSs this gen. Why oh why do PS3 fans have to defend every single game on their platform?

wicko3963d ago

Why oh why do trolls never shutup?

Lombax3963d ago

Personally, I'd give that title to MW2.

BubblesDAVERAGE3963d ago

It is actually a good game...

bjornbear3963d ago

in your OPINION.

you know what that is? people have different ones.

and no, worst FPS this gen is Rough Warrior / Haze

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