ShopTo calls for lower UK Kinect price

"It's too high," Cipolletta said of Kinect’s pricing.

"We believe that with this current economy it should be around £70. For £140 you can buy a Wii.

"Pre-orders are very low," he added.

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Wizziokid5097d ago

If it's over £100 MS can GTFO
hey if they haven't fixed the lag and its over £70 that's still too high.

Let's hope they see sense and give it a nice £70 price tag otherwise the UK sales will be very low no doubt...

dangert125097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

nice to hear its not selling well,maybe they'll fix it and re-release it, but not 5 years later =/

Garnett5097d ago

Kinect needs to be less than $100 to be a real success, i would price it around $80.

Personally, if i had a choice between Kinect and PS mote, i would choose PS Mote, because i know the tech works and its basically a Wii HD.

Pennywise5097d ago

But wait... Amazon said ITS ON FIRE! lol

Gene5097d ago

Lmao this can't be right this is suicide.

Corrwin5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

Sure it may extent the lifetime of each console, but the Wiimote+ hasn't exactly taken off for Nintendo either.

SONY's solution is better priced because it's easier to justify ~£50 per person playing, than a one off £140. It's only £100 more to get a PS3 bundle!

But they both have an uphill battle. What they need to do is state that there will be no new consoles for 3-5 years yet, at least then punters won't mind spending ~£150 to extend the life of the current gen.

The real killer5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

Sony do not take a risk, it's just a extra features nothing more.
Sony has a long way a go developing the move before the Wii come out.

MS take more risk than Sony, becouse MS see this as a addon (extender from the 360)That's why MS buy this technolochy instead of develop of it's own.

Nintendo came first becouse they licents this technolochy, it was a gamble and won this gamble, but Nintendo has not develop this technolochy by Nintendo himself.

It's very strange that the most people think that Sony copy Nintendo, meanwhile Sony prove this allready this technolochy and they want to inprove it.

hoops5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

You do know that Logi-Tech and MS developed a motion control device well before Sony and Nintendo?
The first motion control device was made by Atari called the Le Stick.
Moreover, how long do you think Nintendo was developing motion controls for the Wii? R&D takes YEARS for a product. You think Nintnedo just thought up mottion controls 1 year before the Wii was being made and released it? LOL You are sad. Sony did in fact copy Nintendo.

Hades13375097d ago

Realistically, £100 is probably the best price for all concerned. It's relatively affordable as a Christmas gift and Microsoft probably wouldn't be making a huge loss on them.