Hands-On With Heavenly Sword

Today at the office, IGN were fortunate enough to receive a preview build of Ninja Theory's greatly anticipated title: Heavenly Sword. The build essentially spans all of chapter two, which is made up of a variety of levels, including a short segment where the player takes on the role of Kai, Nariko's strange young friend. Although the build took only about an hour and a half to complete, there was a great deal of new material (at least for IGN) to analyze, and IGN are going to map out their experiences for you.

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Sevir044099d ago

the game should be going gold in a few weeks which is great ^^ cant wait. the demo was fantasic. ^^ awesome stuff

Maddens Raiders4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

a resounding endorsement to buy the game for the "cut scenes alone" coming from IGN tells me to: Open - wallet - and - insert - cash - into - game - store - clerk's - hand - now.

Well at least upon release. Whoa =]

timmyp534099d ago

the gameplay is so kool.. im finally starting to master the counters and stances.. and the game is a beauty. The music is so good too from the title menu to gameplay.. Can't wait to play out this emotionally stunning story for myself this september.

felidae4099d ago

yeah. can't stop playing the demo.

hotshot12374099d ago

good job ninja theory. this just shows that just bcuz people said there last game was sucky, that devs dont have 2 be doomed

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The story is too old to be commented.