IGN: David Jaffe Interview

Yes, another David Jaffe interview, but this time from the famous IGN.

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AznSniper5675d ago

PS3? I thought it was PS2.

Lord Anubis5675d ago (Edited 5675d ago )

I hope he makes big epic games and not just focus on small downloadable games. :(


I know, but I just hope he would make a big epic game but they want to start small. Its not a bad thing but I hope he can truly make unique IPs.

Phantom_Lee5675d ago

from the GT interview...he said he is not going to make games that big....the biggest games he will make will be like Twisted Metal Black....and for smallest will be like Calling All Cars

Shaka2K65674d ago

' ' IGN: We know that you have a deal for three Sony-exclusive titles, but does that mean you can only work with Sony, or are you free to work on other platforms for other games?

Jaffe: We are exclusive with Sony for console and handheld. And we hope to be exclusive with Sony in those spaces for many years to come. We have great friends within the halls of Sony and look forward to continuing a partnership that has lasted over 13 years. ' '

See he is not going anywhere ok anti-Sony force get it right already.

' ' God of War: Chains of Olympus - (PS2) ' '

This is not for PS2 WTF? its a PSP only tittle.

Phantom_Lee5674d ago

dont ask was already there when I linked

Salvadore5674d ago

I like Jafe and I am looking forward to see his games.