EA talks Army of Two sequel

The first game isn't even out yet and already EA isn't shy about discussing the future of the Army of Two franchise.

At EA's mammoth HQ earlier this week, Lead Designer Chris Ferriera told Games Radar that he wants to get the development of Army of Two just right, so that the chance of pumping out sequels in the future is a possibility.

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Crazyglues5791d ago

This game could very well flop. and if that happened then what?

I mean they talk about it coming out between Halo 3 and GTAIV surely not the ideal launching time. But I believe the game will do well, right now gamers are so hungry for games we will be picking up the next 6 titles good or bad, and this game looks good.

So I think it's smart that they start working on Part 2 A.S.A.P because these days when a game is good like Gears Of War we end up waiting over 4 years for the squeal. Who wants to wait that long.

So I say the sooner they start the better. EA may not make the best games but they are still pretty good.

Dr Pepper5791d ago

There is always that risk (that the game could flop), it's the same with Too Human and Mass Effect (both signed up for a series). However, there is a lot more momentum and hype for those games, so it might not be quite the same thing.

HowarthsNJ5791d ago

This title looks to be very original, but is taking big risks with experimental gameplay elements like the "aggro" implementation scheme.

I hope they make changes to the "transparency/red aura" idea. That could be what causes gamers to turn away from it IMO. I know it bothers me for one.