PSU: The Eye of Judgment Hands On

Details include:

- PS Eye mechanics

- Eye of Judgment starter set (The starter set will come with the PlayStation Eye, a mini-stand for the device, the board map and 30 cards. There will be 110 cards to collect all nicely packaged in packs of eight.)

- And more...

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MACHone5417d ago

This game definitely makes me wanna get back into card collecting/gaming again. Plus, the fact that it's bundled with the PlayStation Eye is a big plus. If they put a good price on the bundle, I'll be sure to pick this one up. The only thing that's gonna suck is buying those booster packs.... Sony (or whoever), please go easy on pricing them....

PlayStation3605417d ago

them booster packs can tear a man down. Especially if your looking for a certain card. I got out of card collecting/playing a long while ago. But it seems Sony is gonna bring me back in. *sigh*

VirusE5416d ago

I think the collection aspect will help to keep it interesting. Then again buying boosters can turn into a crack addiction and eat tons of cash. Either way sign me up the game looks amazing and very inovative. The only thing that sucks bout is that now i will have to buy a table to to put the board on.

hazeblaze5417d ago

This isn't on my Most Anticipated list... and I'll probably be getting some of the multiplats coming out before I get it... but I am definetely interested in this one and will be buying it.

sumfood4u5417d ago

13 with a remainder of 6. anyways this game looks fascinating an real nice. Definently Worth Playing!

PlayStation3605417d ago

well of course some packs would have duplicates. Its all random packed bro.
Believe it!

OsolidOsnakeO5417d ago

no doubt, i will buy this game.

VirusE5416d ago

This is one of the most interesting looking games of the next gen. I loved Magic back in the day and this looks like magic on crack. I am very eager to give it a try. Sony needs to focus on making more titles like this.