Gamespot Forza 4 Kinetic Hands-On

We check out the Kinect demos found in Forza Motorsport at Microsoft's E3 2010 Kinect hands-on event.

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RedDragan5089d ago

I said it before, I will say it again.

If they take longer on this one, it will be a much better game and the anticipation will be bigger.

Forza 3 has about 400 or more cars, enough to last another 2 years what with other games coming out. So this really should be targetted for a late 2012, but preferably a 2013 release.

Come on Microsoft, spend a year or so polishing the graphics and physics. The game will benefit so much more from it.

green5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

I completely agree. I think it should be a 2012 title, in fact, i would prefer it if Turn10 built PGR5 like this for 2011 and then Forza 4 can come out in 2013. The looking around the car with Kinect will be so cool with the virtual garage that PGR3 had.

PLAYstar5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

Ever since Forza2, the franchise looks to be heading to the wrong direction. The game didn't live up to expectation, their stuff starts to get desperate and bullsh!tting about being the definitive racing game... blahblahblah! Now they drop down even lower into supporting a fail project?

Forza4 + Kinect = FAIL!

What you want me to use a plate as the steering wheel and banana for the gear? GET REAL!

SillySundae5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

I wonder what will happen if my real car has a steering wheel lag.

StanLee5088d ago

Is this really Forza 4 or is Kinect being integrated into Kinect?

IdleLeeSiuLung5088d ago (Edited 5088d ago )

Turn10 already said that for hardcore gamers that want to experience Forza 4, they should get a steering wheel.

They aren't there to replace your current controller, but rather add to it with Kinect. The Kinect option is a fun thing to do for now, but racing enthusiast probably has a steering wheel.


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Shadow Flare5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

Yeah i know. Just look at GT5. It looks a generation beyond any other racing game. Definately worth the wait.

Can someone please explain to me how he is accelerating and braking the car in that demo?? Because im suspecting the accelerating and braking is being done for him by the computer and he's only steering the car

The Meerkat5089d ago

I agree, I think he's only steering.
Which sucks.

Shadow Flare5089d ago

i mean that is something ps3 owners have been able to do since launch pretty much. You can tilt the sixaxis motion controller to steer in driving games. Whats more, you can accelerate and brake with it, its more accurate and you get rumble

120FPS5089d ago

If it is forza 4 then they have a couple of years to implement the acceleration and braking motions

The Wood5089d ago

ive honestly asked that honest question 100 times already.

In the end i challenged myself but every solution ive thought of leaves the player with some type of rsi. This cannot be precise enough to drift and brake, acceler...brake hard, accelerate etc.. Driving games have to be very precise and equally responsive from the drivers/players input. No easy way around it. Im pissed i cant think of a way to actually do it

Shadow Flare5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

i can think of a good way to do it. Use a controller.

MaximusPrime5089d ago

i got an idea.

use your head as an accelerator and brake.

move your head forward to accelerate.
move your head backward to decelerate/brake

spin your body for handbrake

nveenio5089d ago

Did anyone else notice lag in the steering? If there's even the slightest amount of lag, it would ruin a racing game, imo.

CYCLEGAMER5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

You guys are soooo funny, did you even watch the video instead of just looking at the title? The guy clearly said that this was just an experiment on what they can do so far, NOT FORZA 4!!!

Why are the sony loyalist on here so hateful toward Kinect? Don't tell me its because of the lag, did you guys see the tiger woods demo during the conference? Well if you didn't it failed. Both move and kinect have the kinks to work out. While move is more practical and precise, Kinect is new, "futuristic" and fun for families.

Im snagging both, just because I like technology. They both will get better over time.

Projekt7tuning5088d ago

Did anyone notice it tracking the second guys head every time he turned to talk to everyone? It was actually kind of cool. I think if you could have it track you wile your playing with the controller, it would add quite a bit of a natural feel to it. Kind of like looking at the apex or side mirrors. You could do some pretty cool stuff with it if you combined it with a control. Going into to a blind corner, having it know were your looking, or what your looking for, again the apex. It would be a lot closer to what its like when I'm actually racing. When your strapped into your race seat in real life, you cant look behind you or move around very much. If you could, it would suck to be you if you wrecked. So having it know your looking at the rear view mirror, or side mirrors and focusing on them, would be a lot like when I'm strapped into my race car. If you look at it like that instead as a hater there are some interesting possibility's.

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Cold 20005089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

Wait a second am I dreaming...all this time I thought it was Kinect for Forza 3, some kind of expansion.... (since it said for 2011)

Forza 4 ??? WTF, Already ?!

I got Forza 3 but Im a "casual" car sim gamer that means I'll play a couple of races a day or maybe I'll play it for 2 weeks or so then I'll switch to another game because it gets repetitive after a while if you're not a sim freak. I know a lot of people are like me so Forza 4 for 2011 is WAY too soon.

@below: I dont give a sh!t about Motorstorm, its the kind of game I probably wouldnt play anyway even if they gave it to me. But have to admit Motorstorm isnt a sim, Forza 3 has more than enough content to not need Forza 4 anytime soon unlike Motorsorm.

120FPS5089d ago

And did you gave the same reaction to the announcement of motorstorm 3?? mmmmmmm one wonders

XtreemGamer5088d ago

You are an a**hole st*pid xb*t. I can't say anything,sorry... thats the truth. MotorStorm 3 will be awesome and everyone who isn't a stupid xbox fanb*y will agree with that. If MotorStorm were an xbox exclusive you would say its great...

Bigpappy5089d ago

They have some kool stuff, but you can tell that they have not fully explored the potential of this new tech. We have not even seen a hybrid gameplay yet in any form. Hybrid is where core games like Forza and Gears etc, could really shine.

raztad5088d ago

Hybrid? you mean Kinect + controller?

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5089d ago
T9X695089d ago

Its kinda nice to see an actual demo and not a staged POS one like MS had. In this demo Kinect really doesn't look that bad, I mean its still months away from the release but its looking pretty good so far. If its $150 though MS can kiss my ass.

ryuzu5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

Good luck with that - this looks awful using Kinect, but I can understand why you'd want to try and talk it up.

I notice :

a) He hits the barrier at the start and cannot get round a corner
b) He hits a lot of the cars, even on the straights
c) The lag introduced by Kinect is so bad he can barely steer straight
d) This demo last about 5 mins - try holding your arms up for 20 mins, an hour etc

Other than that, same old Forza. Oh and leaning around the car - why?

Nice novelty for 5 mins - this isn't a reason to spend $150 on Kinect and $60 on F4....


T9X695089d ago

I'm not trying to talk it up at all but its still WIP, the actual racing looked like shit, but the responsiveness when he was looking around the car and stuff was pretty good. Like you said though not a reason to spend $150 if that is indeed the price.

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Blitzkid5089d ago

unplayable with that lags!