E3: Army of Two Hands on 2 Player Hands on Demo and Interview gets a cool "live" demo of 2 Player co-op of Army of Two from E3 from EA.

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SuperSaiyan45411d ago

Oh boy a demo of this game would be awesome!

Yuprules5411d ago

Oh yeah, if they put this on Xbox Marketplace and it was TWO PLAYER co-op for a full level...sweet!

JPomper5411d ago

I can't wait for this game.

M1am1U5411d ago

this game looks like it could be a whole lot of fun. I would love to see a demo on XBLM as well.


Not a real fan of the Glowing red and FADY looking thing

But I would still pick this one up I MEAN

It's CO OP for goodness sakes

Thats what videogames were all about in the 80's


looking good

Yuprules5411d ago

Yeah, it is really nice to see developers going back to co-op games! A game without co-op will be "laughed at" really soon. "What? There is no co-op in this game...bah!".

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