PS.Blog: Heavenly Sword Producer on the demo & details

"The complete game is still set for September, but I think you'll find this demo is a great sample of what's in store and it'll certainly give you a good idea of the look and feel of the game. To set the stage here, at the beginning of this demo, our heroine, Nariko, gains consciousness after a violent encounter with the evil King Bohan and his army..."

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Blackmoses4522d ago

play this game ...I will.

DiLeCtioN4522d ago

the force is strong in this game lol
i love yoda...sorry i just couldnt resist

Premonition4522d ago

Its good to see a celeb on the blog aka Travis williams from atlanta falcon be happy about a demo coming out :)

Meus Renaissance4522d ago

I dreamt of playing this game last night.

Chobits4522d ago

o-o wow she looks hawt on the box art

Bebedora4522d ago

can't we talk/write in english ? So phreaking hard is it?

drtysouf214522d ago

when i awaken this will be ready to download and play!

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The story is too old to be commented.