Kinect: This Is How Not To Do It Sony

NowGamer: An open letter to Sony on the lessons it can learn from Microsoft's Kinect event...

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movements4848d ago

WOW.. All this show for Kinect......I dunno man. I'm not sold yet.

Nike4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

And yet you say this in your own post from GamesThirst:

"And so many people were already speaking negative about Kinect. Microsoft might just have something big on its hands.

They're trying to take us to the next level in human evolution; I applaud them for at least trying.

And this might just be the real deal.

you all are such skeptics.... Give the thing a chance." (first comment)


Edit: How can you disagree with your hypocrisy when it's right there in plain sight?

@Zydake: His story is right there on the front page. Any one could make the same observation. Unless you're getting at something else.

The Great Melon4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

"They're trying to take us to the next level in human evolution"

What??? I'll wait till I can play it before I judge, but I don't know about this next level of evolution. Sounds scary.

Cevapi884848d ago

4 hours until the Natal/Kinect conference....seeing how this event went....MS does have their hands full...we will see how much it will take to overcome this disappointment

Boody-Bandit4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

Movements was backing his sites article from gamethirst "Video: Star Wars Kinect Game Is Awesome - Next Level" by talking up MS and Kinetic and Nike busted him for it. Seriously make up your mind Movements. Are you only sold on Kinetic when it's your site writing about it? Talk about hedging your bets and playing both sides of the fence.

Way to call him out Nike!

On topic:
There is a reason both Sony and Nintendo turned their back on this technology and now real gamers are seeing why. Natal, now Kinetic, will only work with extrememly casual games. The only game they showed that wasn't extremely caual (Star WArs) was faked via Milo / Milli Vanilli / Ashlee Simpsons style.

Both Sony and Nintendo are doing their best to make their motion controls for all types of games while MS is trying to wow casual / non gamers with a sci fi type of controller. I'm sorry but as a hardcore fan of gaming I am really disappointed with MS for going this route.

Mamajuana4848d ago

They're trying to take us to the next step in human evolution? I think you should rephrase that my friend. Relevant human evolution should involve making this world a better place. Tackling global warming, war, famine, poverty, etc. Making strides to solve those problems, that should be human evolution, not moving your body in front of this device.

Perhaps it's an evolution in video game technology or home entertainment, which is great. I welcome that, but human evolution is not as simple as Microsoft Kinect.

WhittO4848d ago

wow this has really turned bad for MS and Kinect (bad name, sounds more like a board game or something )

Think Sony will mention this in their conference tomorrow, prob say something like "instead of having elephants and electric ponchos we will just show you some games we have for Move, which you can all PLAY on the floor"..

Boody-Bandit4847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

Do you really think people care more about gaming controls actually working with games vs glitz, glamour, strobe lights, animals, chest thumping music, celebrities on parade and stage / fake demos vs actual gaming information at E3? /s

stb4847d ago

I smell

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Zydake4848d ago

Scuse me sir whats Kinect? 1st time hearing about it ?

MisterNiwa4848d ago

It's the new name for Natal.

Zydake4848d ago

Lol thanks for the quick reply,

but seriously Kinect? Kinect makes no sense if your not using it with blocks..

JeffGUNZ4848d ago

It's Kinect, as kinetic energy. Witch is energy in motion, as in motion controller.

ia_studio4847d ago

more like kinectic + connect = kinect.
get it.

UnwanteDreamz4847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

Kenetic Energy is the energy of motion.

For an object that is moving the kinetic energy equals one half times the mass of the object times the square of the speed of the object.

I learned this all from Google.

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8thnightvolley4848d ago

i had high hopes but all these news is a killjoy... its like its a gimmick.

dabri54847d ago

Welcome to the world of motion controls...

mcslick1014847d ago

Yeah it's a gimmick. Best motion controller @ E3 but probably the biggest gimmick there. I don't think Natal will have 1 hardcore game and as if Xbox didn't have enough little kids on there.

Now we have to endure an onslaught of minors, grandparents, fat parents, bubbly teenagers and people flying around their rooms like Kangaroos. Kinect, as fucking awesome as the Hardware is, I'm not buying until I see decent software. Oh and I can't believe Rare would sink to the level of making a Wii Sports Clone.

As for Sony, I'm still pretty unimpressed with Move. I think I've seen something exactly like this 4 years ago. Nintendo said they'd keep it hardcore and Z:TP was dumbed down for little kids, SMG was awesome but lacked the authentic Mario feel. Sony won't stick to their word, we've heard this before from the most trusted Console Manufacturer and Playstation is only one of Sony's many divisions. Of course they'll go 'all out' on the casual market, anyone who thinks Sony will do otherwise is downright idiotic, you think Sony wouldn't sacrifice their current market to get to a market triple the size? Anyway they've already made their money off of you.

This generation is turning out to be sickening for consoles, All you fanboys should be ashamed to where you led the industry! PC Gaming will live on to be the most authentic, REAL gaming experience.

fossilfern4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

"Kinect: This Is How Not To Do It Sony"

Lol no:

I think theres some damage control going on here from hardcore 360 users, from the start i wasnt convinced by Natal/Kinect and im still not convinced. Though i think both Kinect and Move will be focusing on the casual user id rather have move for the 1:1 motion. I dont want to be in my room and waving my arms about like a mad man

El Botto4848d ago

MS had no show last year, so they brought out Natal. But Natal was not even pre alpha back than, so they lied about it using MILO.

Well, everyone knows that Natal doesnt work back than. But the bots kept hyping it up. And now the failure is evident.

So they try their best to 1) either downplay Natal or 2) downplay MOVE.

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Jamie Foxx4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

thats duping the public,live demos please sony

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sikbeta4848d ago

Sorry, but Sony got Nothing to do with kinect, it's quite the opposite when it comes to Sony, they are Showing the PlayStation Move and how Well it Works with no need of actors/stars/Circus and such...

D4RkNIKON4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

I can't believe my eyes. I woke up and the internet hates Natal or Kenect all of the sudden and I don't know why. Then I see the epic video and could not believe MS could bomb so hard. But they did

DigitalHorror814847d ago

This is an epic fail. Keep calling our PS Move a Wii-rip off. At least ours works.

Megaton4848d ago

A couple articles down you say they're "trying to take us to the next level of human evolution", now you're not sold yet? You're such a fraud.

logikil4848d ago

So here is the unfortunate thing about last nights event. I don't know how many of you have ever seen a Cirque de Soleil show, but what they described is exactly what should have been expected. Cirque is about theatrics, so it stands to reason that the event would have been all about theatrics and show rather than a traditional video game related event. As a result, what you have were a bunch of game journos and game related individuals that apparently weren't very taken by the combination of presenting a game technology alongside something as "artsy" as Cirque. Microsoft completely failed to identify the audience they were presenting to. Those individuals want demonstration and information. This event was anything but. Now to those not involved in the gaming industry, the reaction may be entirely different, so how it plays out on Tuesday will be interesting.

My biggest issue i guess with the coverage was as i mentioned above. The game journos reporting were more concerned with the ponchos and the odd spectacle that its pretty much all you heard from anyone. That was expressly evident in the Giant Bombs after event vidcast. All they could really talk about was how much they were apparently wigged out and bothered by it....and not entirely about the games. So to put it mildly last night was not about us, not about gamers. It was squarely for the rest of the population.

Lastly, I'm not sold either, movements. I won't have any real feelings about Kinect until todays conference. That's the event that is aimed at the likes of us. Unfortunately, by choosing the audience they did for last night's event, MS dug themselves a pretty large hole in the eyes of a lot of gamers. Although, maybe they accomplished part of what they were looking for because damn near every article on most sites is about Kinect (god i hate that name.) You know what they say, any press is good press and they have effectively snagged the news cycle from Sony for good or for bad.

Raz4847d ago

1. "Kinect" is actually Natal, renamed. ..Ok, if it's getting a re-branding already, MS is in trouble.

2. Still using canned video and pre-rendering. Not terribly impressive, unless you happen to be Kelly Clarkson.

3. Sony has a higher-quality motion controller; even if it's less original.

Yeah, I think I've got this one figured out now. Kinect = fail.

negative4847d ago

I think I have it figured out too:

Raz = Sony Fanboy = Fail

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket over one showing. Monday's MS keynote was very impressive.

So like I said, Raz = FAIL.

Raz4846d ago (Edited 4846d ago )

@ blueshirt7749:

Ad hominem attack = you don't have a counter argument, so you attack the commenter personally instead. Weaksauce and an epic fail.

elpresador4847d ago

Kinect is a more advance eye toy that has a few cool possibilities, Move is a more precise wii mote with some cool possibilities but lets face it....MOTION CONTROL SUCKS!!!

From the Power Golve and U-Force on the NES, to the Sega Activator, to the eye toy, to the wii mote, to the move and kinect, they are all gimmicky crapthat all companies waste $$$$ on because one company made a profit on it. Imagine if instead of doing natal/kinect MS used the funds for research and major testing of a new console so that it was at LEAST as reliable as the 1st xbox.

Simply put, money being spent on 3d gaming as well as motion control gaming by these companies is a waste and a disservice to the gamer.