Sony Has Open Net as Kinect Fails to Impress

"Fans and media alike were present earlier tonight as Microsoft decided to go ahead and present their upcoming motion sensor, essentially EyeToy clone, Kinect. Well, it appears that things got very strange very fast and may have just cemented the PlayStation Move’s victory."

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dizzleK4854d ago

sony, the ball is in your court now. don't screw this up.

SOAD4854d ago

How can they screw up? They've announced awesome games before E3 so no matter how poorly they perform at E3 they can still fall back on their games.

cyborg69714853d ago

X were you at the creepy poncho fest? They showed no hardcore games and this is they're show for Tuesday. Ms has nothing as usual.

Anon19744853d ago

The 360 is a console for the hardcore gamers. There's something like 40 million of them now. While I understand Microsoft trying to appeal to the casual market, I think it's an excellent business move, what isn't a good business move is ignoring your base that's been buying your product up until this point. You've got 40 million users who already own the console, buying an add-on isn't as major a purchase as new users who need to buy Kinect and a 360.

If Microsoft had any sense, half of the games we'd seen so far would appeal to their hardcore audience. The only reason I can think of that Microsoft wouldn't be doing this is that Kinect doesn't work for hardcore games, or they don't think the hardcore would buy such a device. And one or two games isn't going to cut it. Existing 360 owners are going to need some assurances that games are in the works that they'd actually play before they invest in this hardware.

athlon7704853d ago

So you didn't read IGN's review then...


"At several points the avatars would move before the actors did, ruining the illusion of a real live demo of Kinect. This body-synch debacle makes Milli Vanilli's legendary lip-synch outrage look tame by comparison."

Good 'ol Microsoft, still trying to pull the wool over everyone eyes...well, I guess it worked in your case, no?

oldjadedgamer4853d ago


I don't think it is a mistake for them to switch from the hardcore to casual market. I'm sure they are under pressure from investors to produce a profit. It doesn't take a mathwiz to see who is making the most money this generation.

Is it a mistake to piss off your hardcore fans? Yes, but if they thought they could make the next wii, I'm sure they don't mind casuals over us.


Not only the sync was still considerably off and lag was present, but also I haven't seen anything not possible on Eye... Specially Kinetic Sports and Kinectimals already exist in PS2/PS3 as EyeToy Sports and EyePet.

The only maybe techinical impressive game were the dancing game, that if the character were following you... Which actually doesn-t look like to be the case... Looks like the character is doing the moves so you can mimic it and even so appears the game rewards the harmonix guy for doing many moves incomplete, out of sync and totally wrong... I can be wrong through.

And ESPN... Well... If you are into sports I believe it is good news, but with internet on the level it is today, this isn't a game changer... They actually were better promoting kinetic as a hands-free remote than promoting it as a gaming controller... But coming as a freebie for gold members sounds good considering MS usual stuff... At least it justify better those 50 bucks.

I'm afraid to say the high point in MS E3 was MGS Rising gameplay (looks a lot like Afro Samurai and that's really cool, but also it screams spin-off... snake in my ass, more like cut your way in!).

For already announced titles, they had a good selection of exclusives. Halo Reach trailer made me want to come back to Halo.

The new 360 looks cool, but I will wait and see if this turns out to be more reliable than its predecessor. For 150 bucks with a big HD it's a steal, maybe I just jump before next year. And what's up with the media buy out at the end? I wish I had that kind of money to handle consoles around or could at least been there to get one for free... LOL

So far Microsoft did average to good in my book, they had better E3 before... No Kinetic gameplay of Ghost Recon or any hardcore game at all, only one new gamepad normal game exclusive announcement (the Crytek one), too much focus on non gaming features ...

I'm afraid Sony can go the same way if they focus too much on Move and new PSN service(s). This looks to be one of the best year for gaming in years but still companies may be missing the point with the motion control thing.

Aquanox4853d ago

Failed to impress? lol ...

Ohhh... playstationlife.net.

Watch the MS conference and think again. The thing is absolutely impressive. My no gamers relatives were totally blown away.


You relatives should have loved the PS2 then...


Kinect Sports

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Kinect Adventures

Dance Central

Kinect Joyride is the only game I don't remember a EyeToy similar...

Inovation my ass.

NY_State4853d ago

Oh God Christmas has come early! lol

from athlon770 link http://games.ign.com/articl...

Patch: 11:48pm Sunday - Kinect reveal. Look, it has to be said: that was one of the single biggest cluster****s I've ever seen at a games event, hands down. With the eyes of the world on Microsoft, it decides that the best course of action, for whatever profound reason, is not to truly unveil much of anything. Instead, the audience is assaulted with a strange and shambolic mess of pretentious garbage, muddy messaging and glimpses of very uninspiring games. Good lord.

NaViTo4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

That's impressive too:

Aquanox4853d ago

Which one of those games could be convincingly played with your body? Everything seen so far have been failed attempts until Kinect, which make something 1 yera ago we thought could only be done in futuristic movies into reality.

Come on guys, wake up and smell the coffee, throw away the fanboyism and appreciatte what the future in gaming is.


"Come on guys, wake up and smell the coffee, throw away the fanboyism and appreciatte what the future in gaming is."

Pre-recorded bullcrap for us to try to follow and sync? It was the only thing to be appreciated at MS's conference...

And EyePet (european camera only version), EyeToy Antigrav and EyeToy Kinetic have EXACTLY the same controls and concept of Kinectimals, Kinect Adventures and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, respectivelly, based on what we have seen.

"Which one of those games could be convincingly played with your body? Everything seen so far have been failed attempts until Kinect"

All of those could be controlled with your body, that's how the camera thing is supposed to work. duh... And don't even try the convincing part, nothing so far has been worse or better than Kinect, simply because we still don't know it it works! Pre-recorded crap and too much lag in Your Shape (the only thing that looked like it were actually being played) aren't exactly convincing for me.

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Godmars2904854d ago

Think its going to be about Sony following in the wake of damage control MS now has to do. Sony could win their presentation on non-Move titles, but its those same titles people are going to be looking as non-Wii clones.

Killzone3Helghast4853d ago

... win for Sony

it will be like an overkill fatality rip your head off move in Mortal Kombat but by the mighty KB himself

he is god... you cannot deny it

sikbeta4854d ago (Edited 4854d ago )

Sony will not Screw this up, Games are the only thing that matters, now that Sony Unveiled The Sequels, it's Time to Show the New IPs and more info about those games announced last year like TLG and Agent....

Godmars2904853d ago

Well apparently many think KB will make or break their presentation.

LukaX234853d ago

I laughed so hard when I saw the photo of Kevin Butler using the PlayStation Move!

secksi-killer4853d ago

i dont like playstationfanboystyle.net one bit. a site that writes pure hit getting trash imo. and can someone enlighten me, because i thought the natal/kinetic (what a crap name lol) presentation was today ??

another great piece from a crappy site!

how about showing us some kz3 or gt5 instead of your crap fanboy blogs

AssassinHD4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

There are so many ways in which you are wrong in your comment. PSLS is the best PlayStation centric site out there in my opinion, bar none. I don't understand how you can say that they write "pure hit getting trash".

Let's look at their 10 most recent articles:

"Gameloft announces PSN exclusive"

"E3 2010 Press Conference Times"

"Move charging dock unveiled"

"Gran Turismo 5 E3 gameplay surfaces"

"Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines E3 trailer sneaks in"

"Pirates assemble Armada of the Damned trailer"

"E3 releases FIFA 11 Personality + Video"

"Tech expert claims PS Move is more precise than Kinect" <---Quote from a BBC tech expert.

"Exquisite Crysis 2 gameplay screens"

"Top artists to be featured in Activision's upcoming games"


Those articles are examples of actual gaming news, unlike what one might find on this site. This site is made up mostly of pixel counting comparisons, opinion pieces, and top 5-10 lists. Oh and let's not forget the cosplay babe of the day.

There was only one article in that list of their latest 10 articles that could even remotely be considered "hit getting".

Did you know that there is also an Xboxlifestyle.net owned and operated by the same person?

PSLS is a good site, run by good people. Period.

RamoUP4853d ago

i agree with u .. i headed over to the site and all u c is them bashing the xbox calling kinect an eyetoy clone lol when eyetoy wasn't even successful on ps2 .. idc man i own all systems im not a fanboy but psls has to chill with the bashing

nycredude4853d ago

Dude Kinect IS an eyetoy clone. Anybody who has seen the or used the eyetoy knows it. Why are some people stil in denial. MS's conference proved it.

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darren_poolies4853d ago

Hahaha thanks for that, it was really good, if you meant it in that way. :P
'the BALL is in your court', taking the mick out of Microsoft's red ball game for Kinect(Natal sounds so much better)?

morkendo4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

begins in 17 min. LET THE Excitement Begin!!!!!!

Honky Kong4853d ago

you gonna become an xbox cling on?
get a job.

sniper-squeak4853d ago

sony have done right by going from "controller" to "motion controller", MS went straight from controller to "motion sensing". It's always sensible to have "a road on your bridge to success"

huzzaahh4853d ago

Big red balls, to be exact.