NASCAR 08 demo now on marketplace

The NASCAR 08 demo is now available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace in Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States.

The demo is 589.32 MB.

demo text: [ESRB: E (EVERYONE)] Take the wheel at the Daytona International Speedway as NASCAR racing comes to the Xbox 360 for the first time. Experience tomorrow's racing today in NASCAR 08! Visit for more info.

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VirusE5418d ago

Nothing like driving in virtual circles for hours on end!!

deepio5418d ago

Lol, yeh, I can't see this one being that appealing. Certainly not much in the way of track variation...

Daxx5418d ago

I just don't understand people who watch NASCAR or in this matter, play this NASCAR video game.

This game will probably sell really well where I live, the Southeast.

sak5005418d ago

Its all about accidents. The crazier the accident the more people will cheer. Glad I didn't download this demo and after reading all your comments about it.

One thing to say we couldn't expect more from EA could we?

CG5418d ago

Microsoft has released more demos and content on live this month than sony has released on the PSN since the ps3 launched lol.

Keep em coming!

Skizelli5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

I'm trying not to judge the final product from a demo, but I was kind of disappointed with it. You don't get the sense of speed that NASCAR Thunder gave you, it seems there will only be 12-players allowed in an online race opposed to the 40 or so I kept hearing about, and the graphics didn't blow me away, not that it's important to me. I guess I was just expecting more. For it being the first NASCAR game on current gen consoles, you'd think EA would try a little harder.

And NASCAR may be boring to some people, but it's just another form of racing. It's basically going around in a semi-circle as fast as possible without losing control, with the occasional road courses thrown in. Of course, they make it more arcadey for the video games.

ichimaru5418d ago

just when i was worried that xblm would run out of demos, lol

Wolverick5418d ago

I'm picking up a copy of this for PS3 today. Can't wait to play me some next gen Nascar!

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The story is too old to be commented.