OPM Scores Warhawk(9), Heavenly Sword(7), SingStar(9), Stranglehold(8) & More

NeoGAF member pswii60 posts:
"Got my latest Official Playstation Magazine UK.
PS3 Reviews:

Lair - 6
Heavenly Sword - 7
Stuntman Ignition - 7

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RadientFlux4067d ago

The Stranglehold score is nice, the rest of the reviews aren't surprising

MK_Red4067d ago

Agreed. I was expecting a 7 or something but it is great news for me. Big fan of Strangehold and John Woo.

sonarus4067d ago

i was gonna get stranglehold collectors edition the one with the blu ray but then i played the demo on xbox live. I think the game is rubbish. Gameplay is extremely repetitive and if a game like heavenly sword can get a 7 so should stranglhold. I am extremely dissapointed at the poor heavenly sword reviews. Puzzles are apparently lame which is something i seriously look forward 2 in games like this, then they have like only 5 differnt types of bad guys. Good to see warhawk do good though. I am still waiting on a lair demo before i purchase the game so factor 5 better deliver that demo and hope it convinces or am not buying. back 2 warhawk

rusgreim4067d ago

Gives PS3's 3 "Big Hitter" games a dismal average of 7.3?

Bwa ha ha ha ha.

Keep waiting for a decent Bioshock or Halo grade title there Sony fanbois.

MK_Red4067d ago

Warhawk is a PS3 "Big Hitter" and recieved 9. Not to mention dozens of other high scores from other sites.

Anal4067d ago

Keep playing the same crappy halo. And yer Bioshock is great on my PC ahahahahahahaha! Oh wait and my 360. ahahahaha LOL. Who's the arse?

thereapersson4067d ago

360 fanboys complain about Sony fanboys, but the truth is that they are no better than the people they bash and vice versa.

beast4067d ago

Did i mention i am playing Bioshock on My Sony Vaio PC

Bazookajoe_834066d ago

Hehe, have you read the article abou fanboys anatomy?

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MK_Red4067d ago

Sad scores for Lair and HS but hey, at least Warhawk and SingStar got 9/10 plus Stranglehold got 8 which isn't that bad.

ShiftyLookingCow4067d ago

Microsoft paid OPM with tons of opium

pilotpistolpete4067d ago

Took the Warhawk plunge, and at 39$, why not!

See you out there on the battlefield

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The story is too old to be commented.