NASCAR 08: Chase for the Cup: Eurogamer Review

Eurogamer writes: "After trying and failing and trying and failing the very first challenge in the game for twenty minutes I started wondering if there was anything I could do to help myself , even firing up the Nascar wikipedia page, a third of which, incidentally, is made up of criticisms of Nascar, to see if there was some secret driving technique I was missing".

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skynidas4487d ago

5 out of 10 HAHAHA thats a bad score

UnblessedSoul4487d ago

This game is bad I tried the demo is looks like ps1 graphics

Daytona4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

This game looks incredible, are you kidding me?!
I'd easily give the graphics an 8.5, the game itself is very fun even if your not a nascar fan, I am btw.

If your a true driver then you'll like this game.

Besides, you haven't even played it, your a ps3 fanboy, you don't own an Xbox 360. Thank God.

ironwolf4486d ago

I am a racing game fan, and a 360 owner. I made the horrible mistake of buying this game. It sucks beyond all normal concepts of suckage. It sucks so hard, you could place a wind generator in front of it and power a town. The suck is almost strong enough to deflate the windbags in Washington. We are in danger of it sucking open a hole in the spacetime continuum that might swallow the entire universe.