The General6068d ago (Edited 6068d ago )

Are you sure i'm not dreaming?

The graphics and gameplay look amazing. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2 will own 2008. Ps3 for the win!

And i also loved how Kojima, around 10:41 in the video, had Snake use the Ps3 sixaxis controller to control the Metal Gear Mk.II to further prove that this is a ps3 only title. Ps3 is on fire.

jromao6068d ago

Camera work seems to be much better too. Very good videos.

ReconHope6068d ago (Edited 6068d ago )

i promise 2 be your slave if u put the demo on the playstation store. lol

ReconHope6068d ago

i wonder if you can still do the standard choke-hold.

nasim6068d ago

this is awesome.

new UT3 footage that makes GEARS look like a wii game +incredible WKS footage that makes LOdyssey look like a GC game +incredible MGS 4 footage ====x360 is surely dead by now.

The only games that can match the excitement of this are KILLZONE 2,FF13 and WHITE KNIGHT STORY

TnS6068d ago

The "you're not dreaming" text is from IGN. Don't blame me. :)

Kratosnake6068d ago

the "you're not dreaming" reassurance was sort of necessary, because the graphics really lived up to the hype. Great work Kojima, can't wait to play your masterpiece.

masterg6068d ago (Edited 6068d ago )

Wow. Looks fantastic.

It seems like Sony has timed this summer/fall excellent.
It's like a snowball that just keeps getting bigger.
Every time the momentum seems to drop a little a new thing is shown to blow everybody away.

1. Price drop
2. E3 (With Killzone 2 to take the cake)
3. MSG4 Gameplay
4. Demos on PSN (Heavenly Sword and maybe Rachet & Clank)
5. Late summer lineup with Warhawk, Heavenly Sword and Lair
6. Fall lineup with Rachet & Clank, Uncharted, UT3, Haze and so on.

Timing is everything and this just seemed time right.

Blankman6068d ago

don't hold your breath on the ratchet and clank demo. The mgs4 demo looks crazy though. Are we going to get any higher quality videos?

THC CELL6068d ago

Omg I like it

Did u see the ps3 pad lol
That was Sweet. Bring on 2008.