IGN UK: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

IGN - Super Mario Galaxy 2 is simply the ultimate refinement of Nintendo's already masterful control of the genre; it's lovingly crafted, sumptuously presented and an absolute, unmitigated joy to play. It's dazzling in its breadth of ideas and wealth of distractions, and it all comes together into an unmissable package - and incontestable classic - that's practically the embodiment of pure, unadulterated fun.

Presentation: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10
Lasting Appeal: 10

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ForzaGT3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

nice to see that the Wii now has a exclusive of a 10/10 calibre

justpassinggas3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

you're last at everything else.

I gotta get this game.

EDIT: Stealth edits FTL.

BannedForNineYears3055d ago

Wow, good one Justpassing.
That's probably the first intelligent counter to a "First" post.
All I can think of is "GTFOO!!!!!!!!", or "You're a nub".
I'll keep "you're last at everything else." in mind. xD

Sunny_D3055d ago

Actually, the 360 is the only console to have no exclusive get a perfect 10 from IGN.

Acquiescence3055d ago

There must be something wrong with me.

Agent_Cody_Banks3055d ago ShowReplies(9)
dizzleK3055d ago

straight 10s? bullshit. i'm sure it's good but that's ridiculous.

hamoor3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

from the gameplay videos that i watched it looks very promising

Oner3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I have to agree dizzleK. I actually LOVED part 1 as it was more "revolutionary" (as usual/par for the course from Nintendo being their first big game on a new system. While part 2 is (so far as I have been playing it) more "evolutionary" and IMO quite a bit disappointing compared to part 1...but I'll see as the game progresses.

Is it a "must buy" ~ yes. Is it fun ~ an extent. Is it on the caliber of UC2? Hhmmm I personally wouldn't say so. But I would definitely suggest SMG 2 to a new Wii gamer just as I had for SMG 1.

yoshiroaka3055d ago

Yea i mean the game looks good but how can this game get 10's for presentation and games like uncharted 2, god of war and mass effect dont?

The US review says the story is crap but when have you ever played a mario game for story.
What kind of justification is that?

Give gameplay 10, fine. Lasting appeal 10, fine. But presentation and graphics 10? That's stretching. Its a good game but giving it all 10's is unfair to other developers who really push hard to bring videogame tech to a new level.

Seferoth753055d ago

If you do not understand why I feel bad for you. Honestly there is a very simple reason why and it is the same reason that has been around since gaming started.


How would you feel if Uncharted couldnt get a 10 because it isnt on the PC so it doesnt have the best graphics so they cannot ever get a 10?

You are looking at things in too simple minded a way. You need to stop and think about what you are asking for and seriously understand it will never work

If the Devs of Uncharted were robbed of anything it was sales for such an awesome game.

Review scores do not pay the bills and instead of trying to change something you know nothing about you should be out getting all your friends to support those "better" PS3 exclusive you are raving about.

yoshiroaka3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I understand that what you are saying. My main gripe is reviewer inconsistency.

What you are saying is fair and should be the way games are scored, i cannot argue that. And using that methods i can understand why it can get all 10's

But by those same standards uncharted 2, god of war 3, gears of war, mass effect...etc should all have gotten 10's as well because on each respective platform the are no other games that look better or have better presentation. Maybe i am just being a baby about this but it seems kind of unjust. I wasnt trying to be raving, i was just pointing that out.

superman3055d ago

Cannot wait to pick this up tomorrow.

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