Official Resistance: Fall of Man E3 2006 Trailer

For those who haven't seen in it, here is the official Resistance: Fall of Man E3 2006 Trailer.

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Gamer136211d ago

This trailer is old, but the game seem to have some nice effects and good graphics that will improve by time it should launch.

Moostache6211d ago

I already have my 360 and I have been waiting for a compelling reason (ie - a group of games that I personally want to play and won't ever be available to the 360) to get the PS3.

As cool as this game looks to me, and make no mistake I think only fanboys can look at it and say that it completely sucks, this game is not enough for me to get the PS3 at launch. For that to happen, the games need to not only look and play better than what I have already on the 360 (and I LOVE GRAW and online BF2 is awesome), but they also have to look and play better than the games coming up for release this fall - RB6:Vegas, Gears, etc. and those in the first quarter of 2007 like Mass Effect and Bioshock.

Since I can play those games without a PS3, and because I believe that while Resistance looks cool, it doesn't look THAT cool, I guess I will remain in the camp of players waiting for either a lower price tag (c'mon Sony, drop the bombshell and announce the core-PS3 for only $449 in 2007!!!) or a whole lot more personally compelling games.