High Quality inFamous 2 scans from July Game Informer

Scans of the first info and screenshots from Game Informer's article about inFamous 2.

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masterofpwnage4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

looks sick.

but he looks kinda gay compare to the first

look at the new melee weapon and power. looks so dope.

and also they wernt lying about more people and cars.

this will be the best open world game ever.

what. yeah tattoo looks cool, but he looks like way to much of a pretty boy, but i bet you this guy will probably kick way more ass then the original.
just look at that typhone.

any one notice he was sticking on to the wall. idk if this was in the first one, but maybe he can use his electricty
to attach him self on metal object.
and you know how buildings have metal objects to make them stand.

Bobbykotickrulesz4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )


This game is gunna be totally tubularrrr

@ The count
Mmyes mmyes ah ah ah! Vwone two three ah ah ah

The_Count4747d ago


ah ah ah

Rumor4747d ago

Looks too metro sexual....the v neck kiiiiiills me lol

He'll be more badass though. the graphics should be better also. Kingdom hearts style melee system for the fucking win...hopefully like that

TotalPS3Fanboy4747d ago

That's badass. I am pretty sure it's not one of his power though.

lociefer4747d ago

nice graphical overhaul, and that tornado looks fantastic

Coffin874747d ago

oh my god! hot!!!
the camera seems to be way closer to cole. you can see WAY more details from his character model and textures. the tattoos!! simply awesome.
imagine the feeling of navigating him over walls and buildings.. gives me goosebumps.

Army_of_Darkness4747d ago

it appears that they casted Paul walker to play as cole?!?!

WildArmed4747d ago

Yeah can't wait~
I hope the game is going to have a bigger place to explore.
(Like RDR BIG!)
Can't wait~ 2011 can't come sooner!

PS: I feel stupid, I read the scans backwards.. from top to bottom.

But the guy linked the pages from bottom (pg 1) to top (last page).

I realized that AFTER I finished reading the whole thing >.<

karl4747d ago

actually it says that its his new power..

so i guess we are in for some new stuffs..

drdistracto7074747d ago

why is everyone bitching? I frankly like the new cole, and im very happy he's getting a new voice actor, no more batman noises out of him hopefully.

Also, Zeke looks fricken bad-ass!!! (NEVER thought id say that)

kunit22c4746d ago

Did anyone read the yellow box in scan 9??
Online pretty much confirmed?
YES!! Cant wait!

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qface644747d ago

looking at this and then looking at the first game if it didn't have infamous in the name you would never think it was a sequel

i have to say so far the game looks very different from the 1st

Orange4747d ago

I prefer the new Cole. Looks less likely to be a fan of Korn.

krisq4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I like the new look too. And I can see from the pictures animations will be totally redone. Hopfully, Parkour will look ultra smooth and more 'humanly' now.

Oh, snap:
"You will see fewer situations where it feels like Cole is jumping up the sides of buildings, and more where he is scrambling to the top using a variety of objects in the environment, creating a more satisfying sense of improvisation."


DarkSpawnClone4747d ago

i think he looks a hell of a lot better the the first game but i will have to admit it will be weird at first but i think it will pay off in the end.he likes like a real person now and is it just me but it looks as if the art style has even changed a bit too

krisq4747d ago

It seems to be more realistic/less comic kinda way.
I love it.

WildArmed4747d ago

This character feels more 'alive'..
The first one didn't really have a personality (appearance wise -- he reminded me of a soldier, which means he had given on individuality. You know thats the point of having a uniform. Kinda like Nathan Hale.. But this time around, It seems he is quite unique)

darkdoom30004747d ago

Agreed, in the cover he tools lame, but the actual ingame model looks good. Tats looks badass, I like he still has his bike courier bag.

cole from infamous1 looked like a generic bald guy, he can be easily mistaken for the terminator guy or the guy from forced unleashed (doesnt help that he can also use thunder powers)

Gobot4747d ago Show
Ravage274746d ago

it will take a while before i get used to the new Cole but i kind of like the change. I love the way the story is heading and it seems that Sucker Punch is working on the few issues i had with the first game, can't wait!

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Chubear4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Cole looked like a badass in inF1 but now looks more... "happy" in inF2 (Not a digg at my gay gaming bros & sisters or anything but you know what I mean) and Zeke, of all people, looks more badassed in inF2 lol

Also, I know gamers LOVE their colour in games and it is supposed to be set in New Orleans which is a colourful city but... damn! with all those florescent purples and blues and pinks and greens... the game's looking more like halo.

For now, a bit too "fruity" for me but we'll see more at E3 I guess

ps/ ok, just saw the pics; not as colourful as I've seen before so my little heart can rest better now lol

CR-Y-SIS4747d ago Show
Hardbladestone4747d ago

i want the old cole back this guy just not right

Incognegro4747d ago

and you say that with him as your avatar? lol..interesting.

zoks3104747d ago

Yea, I'm with you, the old Cole was better, and that's only because that was the Cole we were introduced to and played with for 15 hours, but I'll give the new guy a chance.

Bodyboarder_VGamer4747d ago

graphically this game's a massive improvement

SOAD4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

With these screens it's hard to tell because they're grainy and hide the textures, but I don't doubt that the game will look better.

Drebin 9284746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

but even as grainy and washed-out as the scans are, you can still tell that they greatly improved the AA and amount of polygons in the character models. It's gonna look MUCH better than the first. Not to mention Cole just looks more unique, design wise.

I can't wait for the E3 trailer to see this in action XD

raztad4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I seriously dislike new Cole. SP is aiming kids and teens. Well whatever, loving the visuals, art-style not new Cole. Hope the jaggies are gone for good.


Dont mind me. I still dislike new Cole however I understand what SP is aiming for:

"We are trying to build the IP"

"We are trying to make it stronger, more diverse, refined, higher quality, because we are trying to invest in the property itself"

Go SP. Do your thing. inFAMOUS 2 will be day one.

Simon_Brezhnev4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

yeah i agree with you it does look like its aiming at teens and he seems 2 happy, all i know if im evil again i better look more hardcore again

shadow27974746d ago

While I'm all for continuity, I'll admit the actual in game model for Cole is much better than the concept art. His pants are still a little weird, and I'm usually against V-necks on guys, but I can live with him. It'll be weird thinking of him as "Cole", but he's a lot less metro in the actual game.

It's a comic book. Just think of it as another artist's interpretation of the character. Peter Parker has not always looked the same, after all.

aaronisbla4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

huge fan of the first game and the old cole but lets be honest, he looked like a place holder character that could have been replaced with some other model if they so choose. It was a decent looking model but the new cole looks better to me. He looks a lil bit younger too.

I'm really hoping that the electric tornado isn't his last, grandest power, id like to be surprised when i finally unlock it. The demo for the first game kinda ruined that wow factor since it lets you use the Lightning Storm near the end of the demo

Iamback4747d ago

release 2011 :(
On last scan you can see it. Bummer, was hoping for fall 2010

jwatt4747d ago

I love the new art style and the graphics look cleaner!

callahan094747d ago

This looks awesome! It looks like a huge improvement in graphics and just in general the game looks even cooler than the original. Can't wait for this!

jwatt4747d ago

Seriously I'm too excited for this game, the first one had it's flaws but I thought it had potential to be a big heavy hitting franchise! Now I hear this quote "No stone unturned, we have to make everything better" I can't wait to get my hands on this game!

Anarki4747d ago

Awww Cole looks like some stupid actor... they should have kept the old one.

bpac1234567894747d ago

Yeah the game looks good especially that tornado he's able to create, but I'm really not feeling the redesign. Cole looked like a badass in the first infamous here he looks like some college kid who happened to get some powers.

talltony4747d ago

I cannot wait for this game they look to be improving on all fronts!

MNicholas4747d ago

to achieve the improvement in graphics. Looks superb.

nan04747d ago

The more information that gets released the more upset I get and more hope I lose in this game. His looks like drake's little brother. They may as well change his name to josh. What's this about a militia? We're fighting drug cartels and 3rd world country people? This looks like a joke. The weapon looks stupid and it looks like they're taking Eddy Gordo's moves.

I was looking forward so much to this game, I loved the first one. I was hoping they'd take a deeper comic book approach and use more of those comic scenes. This story needs to be sinister and twisted. I loved the whacy/twisted parts in the first one. So authentic. I don't care if he was "cruel/bland". If your ASS got blown up by a huge bomb, nothing would seem like a big deal to you either.

Stop being fanboys and protest this. Don't be a tool and disagee/take away bubbles. Nor should you act out of spite.

unknownhero11234746d ago

you haven't seen the game in action yet and you are already treating it like it's going to be a crappy game. I disagree because we haven't seen actual gameplay yet.

nan04746d ago

Why would I care about the gameplay if everything else looks like garbage? It's become a child's game.

thePatriot4746d ago

"New Marais is the kind of city where you feel like you could get stabbed at any time of the day."

I like the new town all ready :)

whoelse4746d ago

I'm excited for this already!

Christopher4746d ago

Gotta say, I do prefer the look of Cole from the first game...

But, if they can deliver on an improved gameplay, will be a day one purchase for me regardless of Cole's looks.

pixelsword4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

...To me, Nathan Hale, Cole, SEV, Nathan Drake, Allen Wake; heck, I'll even include Kratos, Baldur from Too Human, Alec Mason from Red Faction: Guerrilla, and the default skin of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect are all one haircut or three-day-shave from looking like each other.

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aymann4747d ago

Holy SHIT HOLY SHIT THAT Crazy ... F*cking Awesome Cant Wait To see it In Motion

TheHater4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

That vertex new power looking fcuking insane.
Is Cole using electricity to do some climbing and platforming?
Cole got some tattoos and the graphic look a lot better then the original
WTF is that he is holding to beat his enemies with?

@Eddy Raja
it just a redesign Cole

alphakennybody4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

"meet cole again?" so its an alternate cole? OH shit its gonna be sweet and the Graphics looks improved by miles. Hope they don't take out the comic book style cutscenes, it was one the strongest point of inFamous.

alphakennybody4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

get ready for some kickass trailer coupled with a kickass postrock tune

ah k, glad to see that he looks more alive and has moved on after you know...*SPOILER* trish *SPOILER END*

The_Zeitgeist4747d ago

I think I need to play the first game finally. Before the entire story is ruined for me.

arakouftaian4747d ago

and the gameplay is really fun
a mix of super heroes electrical powers
and shooting everything just like a 3rd person shooter but electric shoot
not bullets

aaronisbla4747d ago

if you havent read the passages in the scans, don't, it will ruin some key story elements that made the first game great