Morgan Webb thinks Super Mario Galaxy 2 is too cartoony, continues to bash the game

Morgan Webb talks trash about Super Mario Galaxy 2

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tunaks15154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

I couldn't help but laugh the whole time,
"a more mature mario with adult content,"
ok Morgan, ok

another thing that other girl said she was playing MG2 in 1080i???

SinnedNogara5153d ago

What does she want in a Mario game? This:

HolyOrangeCows5152d ago (Edited 5152d ago )

Uhh....copyright claim by Comcast?

Was it supposed to be comedic, or...what? Because I didn't get to see it.

Legosz5152d ago

It hasn't worked for about a day now and yet this article is top 5...

kneon5152d ago

I've often criticized certain games for being too cartoony, but those are games in which the cartooniness doesn't fit with the rest of the game or the genre of game. But this is Mario, this is inherently cartoony. how could it be any other way?

Nike5152d ago

She's right. Mario SHOULD be more mature. I mean, didn't that turn out great for the Sonic franchise, when they made Shadow the Hedgehog?



Oh, wait...

RedDevils5152d ago

why did you post the link twice

Bereaver5152d ago

One is ps2, one is xbox.

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NewNameNow5154d ago

A Mario game thats too cartoony?

Your right, its not like the target audience is children or anything.

Smacktard5154d ago

Yeah, clearly the target audience is not people who enjoy good games.

That'd be pure lunacy.

NeoBasch5152d ago

Maybe, but some people prefer a bit of intellectual sophistication. That's why many people watch TV shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, or Damages versus something like The Big Bang Theory or Ghost Whisperer. Hassling people because of different tastes is just as idiotic.

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jack who5154d ago

Morgan i love u but shut up

FiftyFourPointTwo5153d ago

This is the very first time I agreed with you.