Dead Space Extraction PSN/XBLA Bound

After rumors of Dead Space making way to XBLA and PSN came into light around the time of PAX East, it seems that they were indeed true. Electronic Arts Montreal has announced that they are porting form Wii-exclusive,Dead Space Extraction, to PSN and XBLA.

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pwnsause5109d ago

good, add in Move support, and next-gen graphics, and you have my money.

Blacktric5109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

This is seriously good news. Even if they don't add Move support, I'd still buy it because I always wanted to play this but didn't want to buy a Wii just to play it.

The Maxx5109d ago

Agreed. I was going to get a Wii this weekend and buy this as my first game, but now...I may pass on the Wii.

This is truly great news. LOVED Dead Space.

Blacktric5109d ago

And also we can learn what happened before the events in Dead Space. I don't know how Extraction ties in with the Dead Space: Downfall though.

HammockGames5109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

Speaking as a PS3/360 owner, there's not many Wii titles that I want. This would be one of them.

I'm not a huge fan of on rails shooters, either, but I love Dead Space.

If the price matches the product, I'll buy.

Leupac5109d ago

I guess it's not so exclusive anymore. I wonder if it will have Move support once it releases.


was this game any good, and +1 for move would be lazy not to

MattyF5109d ago

It was a really enjoyable game. No one bought it and not many played it, sadly.


thanks i enjoyed deadspace so will give this a look

Sevir045109d ago

Move and Natal, it could be quite interesting because I love the dead space universe and I always wanted this game, but no Wii. So trophies, hi res graphics and more precised controls and its a day one download.

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Dead Space Games Ranked From Worst to Best

BLG writes: "Dead Space. It’s a beloved horror series – one that yours truly can’t stop talking about on stream! Yet there are more Dead Space games than you may be aware of. So it’s my duty to introduce you to the best Dead Space games, and one very, very bad one. It’s time to grab a plasma cutter, cut off the limbs of terrifying necromorphs, and decide once and for all (on this website) which of the Dead Space games reigns supreme!"

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-Foxtrot668d ago

Dead Space Extraction better than the original Dead Space?


lucian229667d ago

I played all three. Didn't find them fun, just had nothing to play. I don't think I beat third game though. Combat was super clunky, graphics and art design were ugly imo, story in first game wasn't too bad, rest were meh.

Over hyped series imo, also it doesn't help horror games don't scare me, so I guess that's a big reason for me too.

MIDGETonSTILTS17667d ago

Play Alien Isolation on Hard or Nightmare.

Start on the movie DLC so that you don’t have to play a bunch of campaign in order to find out if you’ll be scared.

lucian229667d ago

I heard that was a good one. Honestly vr games scare me with jump scares because of how the threat feels real.

MIDGETonSTILTS17667d ago

There isn’t an official VR mode, unfortunately.

The audio should pull you right in if you use headphones.

CDbiggen667d ago

Just finished playing the first, enjoyed the fact Isaac was a silent alien crushing psycho doom-guy type. Just started the second yesterday and I'm annoyed he's a talker now and sounds like a regular guy who hasn't been through hell, but I suppose he couldn't remain silent.

VersusDMC667d ago

Dead Space 2 is my favorite followed by 1 then 3. All are good to me though. Just beat all 3 on series X and they hold up.