Play Magazine Gives Lair 9.0/10.0

Play TM magazine is the first magazine corp to get their hands on the retail copy of PS3 exclusive game Lair. According to the PLay TM magazine:

"So yes, if there's any doubt left, Lair has come together beautifully

"With its stunning visuals and incredible soundtrack, Lair may well be the single most powerful experience that a man can share with his $5,000 home theatre system".

"Lair is an utter feast for the eyes"

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gamehead5421d ago

this review just eased a bit of my skepticsm. A game i will definetly be buying though the graphics look amazing

bung tickler5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

not to burst any bubbles (but im sure ill lose some), but PM gives out 9's all the time, and often they dont review the full game... they just like to be the first to the party, so take this review with a grain of salt is all im saying... anyways be gone with you my bubbles, be gone!

Maddens Raiders5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

-- “With its stunning visuals and incredible soundtrack, Lair may well be the single most powerful experience that a man can share with his $5,000 home theatre system.” --

PS3 is lining up some doozies as far as I can tell, and this doesn't help dismiss that notion. I really think they can give the 360 a hell of a run this Christmas. We'll see.

Blankman5421d ago

I too am skeptic. I never doubted their ability to deliver on a visual front or story front either. I am however very skeptical on the gameplay. Not very sold on tha 6 axis motion and a game based on just flying i don't know. Would have loved to have been able to get off the dragon and duke it out. The gameplay could be good/bad regardless i will be purchasing this game. By the time it comes out i won't have any new ps3 game to play so i hope its good

nasim5421d ago

others dont forget tht each character in LAIR has 17x more polygons than each charcter in GEARS.

LAIR kills x360

computer5421d ago

This game does look very amazing.. will definitely be picking this up!

JsonHenry5421d ago

I am not to fond of my PS3 right now, but this game looks like it will be worth renting. Gamefly FTW!

original seed5421d ago

I for one think Gmaercreed is crap. It never has sources or links...NEVER.
Also the never have Possitive news for the 360 at all.

I would like to see a magazine scan or soemthing. Can anyone provide one?

Captain Tuttle5421d ago

Graphics can only carry a game so far. Lair doesn't look fun at all.

Dragonopolis5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Play Magazine is an awesome magazine. You have to understand who they are and what they stand for. They take more of an art approach (still do technical) in their reviews and will I'd say they are a little fairer than a lot of Review Magazines/Websites. They will lighten up on a game if the game is still really fun. They also like Depth in game play and storyline so if the graphics kind of fall but Depth and storyline rocks they usually won't hack the rating to death.

Play Magazine is an beautifully laid out Magazine and is less cluttered than some. They will often put full page artwork on the Main stories and the quality of print is incredible. They have a cool mini anime section at the end and sometimes you'll get a poster.

Play Doesn't just give 9 and 10 ratings away but they are much more forgiving than most and in my opinion do a pretty good job not being to critical (which is a problem in a lot of game review sites and mags). This fair approach is actually pretty good in my opinion because when Play does hit a game with a low score you can bet it sucks.

Nobody's perfect and every game mag or website has their own styles and approaches. If anything, Just picking up a Play Magazine and feeling the quality of paper and detail Pictures and Article layout makes you feel like they care even if it is a slow month (which every review website/Mag will encounter).

So stop hating on Play. You have a right to your opinion but don't preach it as the Almighty fact.

Instead, if any of you never have pick up a copy of Play Magazine, just give it a try and make your own determination.

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DgDX5421d ago

I never expect a review of lair so early

Coffin875421d ago

yeah i'm also a little surprised.. i still don't even know when i will actually get my hands on it (germany)...

InSpectre5421d ago

Nice. Let's hope the other reviewers come to the same conclusion. This will be the first big game to start the rest of the year with.

ShiftyLookingCow5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

a leaked review? Anyways looks good for PS3

[edit] whats up with my fvckaduddle bubbles, I got 2, lost 1, gained another and then lost 1 in less than 24 hours. I will blame plastic Kidman fans for this. I gained one more again. Thanks for all the bubbles.