Heavenly Sword Preview- Twelve minutes video including new footage

Here is a brand new 12 minutes preview of Heavenly Sword including a brand new gameplay footage. Source is French though.

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TriggerHappy4932d ago

I will buy this game when it launches. So far, am very impressed with what i have seen.

neogeo4931d ago

now I'm ready for a bubble:)

boi4932d ago

very impressive...

now i need the demo next week and then when the game releases i will get excited lol

bubble for u Mercenary

teh_tourist4932d ago

i'm buying it day 1 man
looks great

Blood_Spiller4932d ago

Lovin all the attention this game is getting, keep the news comin!

Bubbles for all :)

[email protected]4932d ago

Sweet* now, give us the demo ^^.

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The story is too old to be commented.