Crysis 2 Graphics Guide: PC Perfection or Console Compromise?

Bright Hub writes: "There is no doubt that Crysis 2 will look stunning on the PC - CryTek's identity as a developer is too bound up in the idea of visual excellence for this to be cast aside. The thought of how this first-person shooter may have turned out if it had been a PC-only title will undoubtedly linger in some quarters, though."

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E46M33091d ago

Consoles get compromised even in aged old games like COD MW2 where the console only does 640p with medium res textures.

Compromise on Crysis 2? isnt even a question its that obvious.

JsonHenry3091d ago

It will still look a lot better on the PC. And of course if a game is available for the PC I always choose the PC as my first choice.

When Crysis 3 comes out and the next generation of consoles has started they will make it so that it will literally be years before anyone can run the game maxed on the PC just like with Crysis 1.

Proxy3091d ago

You can always tell it to draw one more light source, or increase the draw distance just a little more, etc.

Hotel_Moscow3091d ago

you say that like ps3 cant handle it

presto7173091d ago

who's into counting pixels anyways.

Good graphics are nice, but when you start going into the technicalities (that no one notices btw) to prove one is "superior" to the other, then please.... please....

dirthurts3091d ago

Ever played Bad Company 2 on pc? Those DirectX 11 shadows are mighty, mighty nice.

ColdFire3091d ago

Those DX11 and generally EVERYTHING in glorious Full HD and with AA is beautiful.

Bolts3091d ago

That is because it IS superior. I game on the PS3 and the PC and difference in image quality with games like Battlefield BC 2, GTA 4, Farcry 2 is freaking profound. To deny that is to display ignorance of the facts.

Actually it's not just the PS3 either. Compare the PC version of Gears of War with the 360's. Its the difference between full 1080p 8X AA at 110 FPS vs something that looks like mud.

BattleAxe3091d ago

This game is way overhyped.

Army_of_Darkness3091d ago

I haven't seen a game like uncharted 2 or GOW3 on a PC before.... hmmm, perhaps can't handle the scale?!?!

Nihilism3091d ago

UC2...scale? haha, linear as hell and more aliasing than any game i've ever seen.

GOW3 @ 720p @30frames, yeah...nothing on PC looks anywhere near as good /s

P.S Farcry 2 on PC looks better than every console game :D

Bolts3091d ago

This must be some sort of joke.

Ravenor3091d ago

What scale are you referring to in GoW3 and Uncharted 2? Both games were extremely linear, with lots of low res textures (Have a good look at that Mountain at the very start, it's ugly get over it.) or the ugly foliage (Start of the Borneo mission in Uncharted 2). Also the train was extremely limited in Uncharted 2, repeating exact cars and also look on either side of the tracks...looks kinda barren. Using God of War as a example is also pretty silly, 100% of the EPIC stuff that happens you DO NOT CONTROL.

99.9% of boxed retail PS3 or 360 titles DO NOT run in 1080P, they rarely have AA and they rarely run at more then 30fps. My PC runs all multiplats at far above 720P, with far more then 2x AA all at a framerate of 60 or higher. I'm sorry, I enjoy my PS3 but I do not have any qualms with admitting that my PC runs circles around it.

These things don't make console games bad, but plugging your ears and not listening to the truth is a childish thing to do. The hardware in my PC rapes both consoles combined, it's a fact, it can't be argued. So when a PC exclusive famed for pushing the visual boundaries goes all...consoley and looks like trash in comparison to the first one. Pc gamers might take issue.

hoops3090d ago

LOL. Scale? When I can see the PS3 or Xbo360 play a game like Supreme Commander in [email protected] fps with that many units on the screen at once with those graphics and no slowdown, then i will agree with your comment on SCALE. Until then, your comment is laughable

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sid4gamerfreak3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Crysis 2, hell any game is much better on the PC. Come on, why would you not get the superior pc version? You get the ultimate crysis 2 experience with the PC, and itll probably be cheaper than the gimped console versions. Mods, high resolutions, precise controls are just part of the whole pc experience.

Edit: Yea, Simonkey75. But I wonder if crysis 2 was pc exclusive, they could have done so much more instead of limiting the pc for the sake of the consoles. They need to tap that potential which pc gaming offers, I still feel they should have made the game pc exclusive. See what they did with crysis way back in 2007, imagine, if this was exclusive, how the game would have looked like in 2010!!

The fact is the consoles are holding the devs back to tap the potential the pc offers. The game no doubt will look extremely beautiful on the pc version compared to the gimped console versions, but it could have been better if there wasn't a limiting factor.

waterboy3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

would have sucked visually if it wasnt in its pretty beach environment, get off pcs dick and no version will be gimped the pc version should look better since crytek has been developing for pc longer than any platform especially ps3

Army_of_Darkness3091d ago

sure crysis looks good on the pc, blah, blah, blah.. but seriously though, what does it actually do special?! lets see.. those train stages in killzone 2 and uncharted 2 were pretty awesome and memorable... the first 30mins of GOW3 was amazing with the titan's in the background and posiden fight and all.... so what does crysis do that makes it amazing aside from the enhanced high end pc quality graphics???

Nihilism3091d ago

You clearly haven't played crysis, it has more epic moments than any other game, the gameplay itself is the same, but i'm not going to explain a game to you, stay ignorant, it suits you.

Army_of_Darkness3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

must be one of the dozen lame clips I found of this game where I couldn't find your so-called epic moments?!?!
hell, cod:mw2 has more epic moments then this sh1t!
all I see in crysis so far are bushes, tress, bushes, trees and look at that! more trees!!!

Ravenor3091d ago

When players say Crysis is boring I know all hope is gone. It's a sand box, it's a fps, your suit has powers, the shooting is tight and well done, the entire game world is active (No individual cells) and the game is still the best looking video game available.

Find me a console game that does all of that.

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kevnb3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

its all overly one-sided, it seems to me that consoles are a big black hole sucking the money out of publishers and console makers alike. Also, I think its naive to think crysis 2 might not have been compromised a bit so that more people could run it...

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Simonkey753091d ago

The point of the article is more the possibility of CryTek having compromised on the PC version for the sake of the consoles. The console versions are obviously going to be limited in comparison to the PC.

Letros3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

While I do think there will be some compromises, I think the end product on the PC will be running much more efficiently than Crysis 1. Though, we will see how advanced they have made the PC version when they finally reveal the DX11 showcase trailers.

Chris_TC3091d ago

It is strange though that we haven't seen any advanced DX11 features showcased. Is this so as not to alienate console buyers or is it because there's simply not much to show?

t8503091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Devs like to develop for all platforms. Development costs are high this gen hence developing for all 3 platforms means less risk for them.

If they made games with only DX11 in mind then consoles will be left out. So yes in a way consoles are holding advances in graphics back

Watch as the next COD game looks exactly like mw1, there wont be any progress. Samething with console exclusives dont expect much jumps in graphics then what we have already seen.

With consoles all we are seeing now.. instead of graphics leaps are gimmicks aka natal and move.

ultramoot3091d ago

As much as I'd like to believe that Crysis 2 will be much more optimized than Crysis 1, I'm pretty sure it's not going to be. If you find linear-constraints and a slight step backwards in visuals as 'optimization' then it's your call. As for me, I have yet to see a Crysis 2 screenshot that beats the original game. The only improvement I see is that the gun models look a bit more detailed, but that's about it. I don't buy the whole "parallel development for all 3 platforms" thing.

Harry1903091d ago

Crysis 2 less boring than Crysis 1 and then we can talk about graphics? Bulletsponge Koreans eh.

despair3091d ago

wow i see you're a halo and COD fan aren't you, Crysis 1 was not boring it actually let you think and plan what to do, and the Koreans died pretty quickly if you surprised them, or aimed for the head.

not every FPS need a barrage of enemies and mindless combat for 5 hours as a single player campaign. Crysis was a well paced and lengthy game with multiple methods of approach and a wide variety of gameplay mechanics that required you to think instead of running in guns these days.

ultramoot3091d ago

Agree with you, despair. Unfortunately, harry190 might not be far from the truth in saying the franchise is going towards a more mainstream approach like COD and/or Halo. When I first heard Crytek talk about the so-called "creative constraints" for this game, the first thing on my mind was "mainstream", which translates to "accessible to a wider audience", which translates to "like COD, Halo, etc."

despair3091d ago

yea and if they do that I certainly will not be getting this game. Crysis 1 to me is the succesor to Farcry 1(2 was not related) The gameplay style and feel was certainly what Farcry fans were waiting on, now they will try to get in everyone pockets and that means dumb downed appeal to the masses COD/HALO clone.

Even the graphics take a hit as they make the console versions, I still cannot see a console Crysis 2 beating the PC Crysis 1 and they say the PC version will be like the consoles so it too will underwhelm.

From the trailer they showed many were like how great the game looks but all I saw was just underwhelming, If they do the same for gameplay then crysis 2 comes off my wish list.

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