Tekken 7 announced

Katsuhiro Harada, director of Tekken project, confirms in Madrid event.

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knightdarkbox5140d ago

nice... T6 as my current best fighting game. Myabe untill tekken 7 or Dead or alive 5 comes out, that will change, but who knows.

rockleex5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

To regain its throne.

I disliked the fact that Tekken 6 was so focused on air combos being able to be chained even longer with bounds.

If they want to focus on air combos, they should make it MUCH harder to time the attacks.

As of right now, you can just press the combinations ahead of time and its a 99% chance your attacks will hit as long as you know the correct combination.

But I still love Tekken 6 because strategy still plays a huge role. Although most people like to take the easy way out and just learn combos and try to execute them all day during a match whenever possible. -_-"

bloop5139d ago

They need to bring Force mode back to what it was in Tekken 4 too.

rockleex5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

1. Able to choose which downloaded player Ghosts you want to battle.
2. Minimize lag
3. Beach Ball Mode!!! :P
4. Tag Mode!!! :P
5. More satisfying and important endings

6. RPG Mode

Basically an updated Scenario Mode where characters can gain stats and equipment/weapons. Able to go online in this mode and versus other players with their upgraded characters too. In this mode, EVERY character's unique story can be played out akin to Soul Calibur.

bootsielon5139d ago

Porting it to non-PlayStation branded platforms was a huge mistake too.

TotalPS3Fanboy5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

Tekken needs Combo Breaker!!!

Right now, Tekken 6 is like this:

Attempt to do a move. Missed. Get hit by an air combos. 75 HP gone.
Attempt to do another move. Missed. Get hit by another air combos. Dead.

A fighting game where you only have 2 chance to make a move isn't a very fun game.

That kind of gameplay should only be reserve for games like Bushido Blade, where you can instantly kill your opponent, as a real Samurai would, with a Katana blade.

Tekken 6 is pure QTE crap right now. All you do now is memorize the air combos button sequence and pressing them in a sequence until your opponent is dead. There is no longer any strategy.

As soon as air combo hit, the other guy can't do anything but watch his character gets own until he die. Pure QTE crap. Just press these buttons in a sequence and watch your opponent die. No freedom at all.

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zen_hydra5139d ago

The bound combos in Tekken 6 are stupid recockulous. They are too easy to pull off, and after one misstep you get to take your hands of your arcade stick for five minutes while your opponent depletes your entire lifebar as you fly through the fucking air. I hope that Tekken 7 moves away from bound moves and steals some of the Virtua Fighter series’ technical thunder. I would love Tekken to be more of a nuanced fighter, and less of a canned combo button mash. ...and they need to bring back some sort of tag team mode...and Tekken Bowl.

ironfist925139d ago

1: Focus story mode on Arcade fighting, not scenario mod
2: bring back tekken force, ball, bowling, Tiger back
3: NO MORE AZAZEL or NANCY fighter types. Azazel was cheap, jinpachi was challenging.

FiftyFourPointTwo5140d ago

Pass. I'll wait for Tekken 7 Bloodline Rebellion. :P

basicsameh5145140d ago

o god when will this series end..