Warhawk: E3 2007 Game Modes Interview

Incognito talk about the choice to go purely multiplayer, the different game modes, and the cost of the two versions of the game.

Hit the link for the HD version.

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big_tim4161d ago

the unique LAN option with the retail copy. One disc for a lan party. That is impressive.

Does this mean you can't have a lan game where everyone has the downloaded copy?

Azures4161d ago

The full version probably includes it, the option was there in beta I believe.

Kleptic4161d ago

wait what? One disc and you can play on a lan with multiple PS3's? that sounds hard to believe...but awesome at the same time...

the seamless split screen is so unbelievably is so strange that no other game has done this since...

boi4161d ago

whens this coming out again?

i need this as soon as possible lol

me and my brother can't wait for the true split screen multiplayer online

4 player split screen...hell yes!

mrk014161d ago

I was really hoping for 32 vs 32. But 32 players still lookes action packed though.

big_tim4161d ago

32 players is real intense. I was able to play in a few full 32 player games and there wasn't any lack of action.

The most fun I had with the beta was a 32 player warhawk only battle. Super intense.

mrk014161d ago

Yeah, your right the battles look freak'n intense in the beta videos I've seen,
in my opinion I actually think Warhawk looks more fun than Halo 3 multiplayer; only an opinion.

big_tim4161d ago

it was kinda a toss up. I had the Halo beta and played it for longer than warhawk. I wasn't invited until a week and a half before warhawk ended. they were both real fun. Halo is always rock solid and warhawk has proven a lot. They are both on my "to get" list for the year.

chrischris4161d ago

this will be the online for ps3 this year

MetalProxy4161d ago

This is a part of Sonys Storm. Better get a umbrela things are going to get crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.