Joystiq hands-on: Time Crisis 4 (PS3)

Time Crisis 4 is looking to be a rather complete offering for PS3 owners, especially with the inventive FPS mode the game is promising. Although [Joystiq is] not fond of the generic art style, and the rather dull graphics, the Guncom 3 opens a world of possibilities for future light gun games on the PS3.

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ReconHope5428d ago

i hope they werent expecting more.

Ebay3rd5428d ago

The idea of being able to play shooter style games at home and actually have it work is gonna be great, adds another dimension to gameplay. Lets keep it moving....

THC CELL5428d ago

house of the dead next please

and silent scope

timmyp535428d ago

i played it so much ... i had to give it a break... great game

BlackCountryBob5428d ago

Looks fun so long as its priced sensibly but please tell me that the gun wont be that stupid orange colour in the UK, it makes it look like a device from Ann Summers!

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