Time Crisis Ready To Strike With A New Game?

Siliconera Writes:

Light gun games are back in fashion. Sega is leading the pack with more House of the Dead games, one of which is designed for an arcade date. Even smaller developers are getting in on the action to with WiiWare games for the morbidly curious.

Meanwhile, Namco Bandai hasn't been as proactive with their Time Crisis series. Sure, Time Crisis 4 came out for the PlayStation 3, but that was an arcade port. When are we going to get a new Time Crisis game?

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Cajun Chicken5018d ago

I love the Time Crisis series, I haven't had a chance to get the 4th one, but I look forward to the possible announcement of a new one in the near future.

PirateThom5018d ago

As an avid arcade player of the series, the 4th game is, by far, the worst by a huge margin.

It tried to do too much, when all you want to do is shoot people.

Speed-Racer5018d ago

Hmm looking forward if its true

user94220775018d ago

Time crisis 2 was the good days