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Microsoft hopeful of having Natal playable to TGS public

Microsoft’s said that it’s hopeful it’ll have the camera on the show-floor for everyone to try at Tokyo Game Show come September.

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SiteBot5140d ago
fantasygamer5140d ago

wait..wait... soo its not gonna be playable to the public at E3... >.>

PCnPS3Gamer5140d ago

wow ms is up to their knees in shit lol. and people wonder why sony and nintendo passed on natal tech lol.

so i guess this years natal showing will sport some paid actors again cant wait and oh yeah godmars your an fin tool. people at e3 aren't mentally challenged. so your statement is absolute bs....

Alcon Caper5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

nowadays don't bother to actually READ the article.

It says IN COMPARISON to last year's TGS, they would like to have Natal available for a wide audience.

But blow your titles out of proportion all you want. N4G has gone to hell in a handbasket and it's the fault of people like you who don't even bother to read the actual article.

toaster5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

They don't need it at E3 anyways. Not like Sony and Nintendo have their next big thing up their slee... OH WAIT!!

booni35140d ago

they've thrown us enough rush jobs.

*rolls eyes at third broken xbox*

ThanatosDMC5140d ago

^I stopped at 2. I only play it when i have zombie killing urges with Dead Rising.

Christopher5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

Uh, wtf Microsoft?

First, hopeful to have it playable by September? That's only one or two months prior to your expected release date.

Second, at the TOKYO Game Show? Really, you're going to try and eclipse the PS3 market with Natal in Japan? You do know that almost every household there already owns a Wii and Microsoft doesn't make the games that the Japanese market wants the most, which are Nintendo, SE, Atlus, and similar developers out of Japan. Now you're going to tell them that they should buy an Xbox 360 and an external camera system and buy games on your console that currently are just casual games which they can already play on the Wii they already own?

I'm really hoping this is taken out of context. If people aren't allowed to play and video tape themselves playing Natal at E3, then this only worsens the potential of Natal. This makes it look like Natal isn't even going to be ready for the masses this year.

mantisimo5140d ago

You are the first and only person after n4g relaunch I've seen with 4 are my hero....(howdja do it huh huh bribe someone give them a kidney?) I want 4 bubbles too!!!

Megaton5140d ago

All flash, no substance. What happens when you can't actually allow people to try your new "revolutionary" motion cam? Buy a distraction, put on a show by Cirque du Soleil.

BeaArthur5140d ago

Yeah it's kind of weird that this thing is supposed to come out in a few months and it won't be accessible at E3.

Anarki5140d ago

What do they have to hide? ffs it cannot be that bad. They're hiding it from their consumers..................... ...... Microsoft are retarded

Alcon Caper5140d ago

It says in COMPARISON to its presence at TGS LAST YEAR, they would like to "ready a space for a wide audience to experience it."

You fanboys are so quick to jump on your little flame-bait that you're willing to bypass the article altogether. true N4G newb-style.

Biggest5140d ago

Alcon Caper, can you address what people are saying rather than screaming about something that no one seems to care about? Will Natal be on the show floor and playable by the masses at E3 in June? Or will people be able to touch it in Japan one month before its release date? None of what you're spouting answers those questions. The article says nothing about E3, but does make it seems as if Microsoft hopes to have room to show Natal in September.

IdleLeeSiuLung5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

Natal is expected this Holiday for most likely the U.S. and not sure about other regions. That might be why they are talking about it that way. Furthermore, the article is taking the comment out of context:

“It was in limited form [at last year's TGS],” says Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui in an interview with Nikkei. “This year, we’d like to ready a space for a wide audience to experience it.”

Which says, it has limited exposure last year so we are ensuring the public gets to try it this time!

Christopher5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

My contention with the article is the "hopefully" part. There should be no 'hoping' at this point, only doing. It should be on the floor for public demoing. There should be no questions about whether or not it will be available for demoing to the public at this time.

My other issue is that they're discussing public demoing at TGS, but so far have only mentioned a closed event for showing off Natal with nothing about having live demos on the showroom floor for everyone to try out at E3.

Alcon Caper5140d ago

That's what the person who wrote the article said. MS doesn't say they're "hopeful" of anything, but that they'd like to showcase a space at TGS.

They should change the name of N4G to N4LG (News for LITERATE gamers)

Christopher5140d ago

Alcon, you're not helping your case.

"This year, we’d like to ready a space for a wide audience to experience it."

Yeah, 'we'd like' is vastly different from 'hopefully'...

The author's use of 'hopefully' in place of 'we'd like' doesn't change the issues with Microsoft's statements nor does it change the fact that they are unsure of if it will happen or not. They're still not definitive, which is what we need at this time. Nor does it change that at E3 we've heard nothing of this either.

Alcon, if you can't argue the issue and only want to split hairs about the use of 'hopefully' over 'we'd like', you should go argue over at an English grammar forum.

The Wood5140d ago



Not 'everybody' who doesn't read an article is a fanboy.. Point taken but chill out

IdleLeeSiuLung5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

It is immaterial, as they aren't stating that they are hoping the device will be ready, more like we are trying to ready space to setup a stand.

So far, of what we have seen it seems the technology is just fine. If it turns out to be a turd, just don't buy it. Problem solved!

Why speculate on what ifs based on misquotes, rumors and speculations... When the product is released, the public will surely scrutinize it, but in the end customers will vote with their wallet. That is really all that matters.

Christopher5140d ago

***So far, of what we have seen it seems the technology is just fine.***

You've seen something other than the Ricochet game that's supposedly still on the year-old demo machine that's making its way around Europe? Please provide links, because otherwise I haven't seen squat from Microsoft that makes me think the technology is fine, let alone an actual enhancement to the gaming populace.

A lot of my ire comes from the fact that Microsoft just refuses to display their technology to the the public and now that E3 is right upon us they're even being vague about whether or not the public will have time to actually scrutinize it at the biggest events this year.

As I've said before, I'm waiting for E3 to be shown what Natal really has up its sleeve, but each day I get more and more skeptical as to their ability to deliver on the technology they've promised.

IdleLeeSiuLung5140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

There was a video here on n4g that showed a guy breakdancing while Natal picked up the moves. Another video showed the behind the scenes of the skeleton mapping and the avatar recognition. Also on

Do a few searches on your own, but I'm not sure you were really interested in the first place.

In terms of MS releasing information to the public, that is their issue. You will undoubtedly be able to try it in store or even buy it to decide for yourself. Why are you making judgment based on assumptions, predictions and potentially unfounded rumors. Just wait and see!

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niceguywii605140d ago (Edited 5140d ago )

Natal will be playable at the Natal event during E3 a day before the 360 press conference[SUN. June 13]. If you take the time to track and comment 360 news so you can bash, take the time to do research so you don't look so ignorant. Microsoft is talking about a presence in Japan equal to other western events. Natal has been played in shows all the way back to the E3 it was announced in.

Notice how they're few haters in here and the story is not heated up, that is because only idiots would try and turn this into flame bait.

Most people can read and have educated themselves before keeping up with Natal news or commenting.

PS3 fanboys and their selective reasoning and smarts lol

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THC CELL5140d ago

they deffo lost e3 now then lol

Godmars2905140d ago

MS can and will make tons of noise surrounding it, declaring it the winner of E3 before its showing is over, and the Xbox faithful will only agree.

DelbertGrady5140d ago

It would be very weird if they held a separate conference just for Natal at E3 but didn't show any real-time gameplay. If that's what they intend to do then it's a major fail.

yoghurt5140d ago

isn't natal suppose to be out this year?! yet they are not prepared for the public to play it until September? uh oh.