What Is A “Fair” MMO Review: IncGamers' MMO Weekly

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis looks how MMO reviews are usually handled, and the power games developers can have over online publications.

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Maticus4219d ago

Unless it can be proven that a review isn't genuine, I don't see why anyone should ever take one down. It just looks suspicious.

Djorgo4219d ago

Hehe. So true.

I haven't read the reviews, but if Eurogamer folds that easily, perhaps they should stop making reviews where the score is anything less than 7/10, to avoid re-doing it! :)

N4GAddict4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

That's why you don't rely on a single site for reviews.

AndyA4219d ago

The Darkfall thing was pretty funny.

Elly4219d ago

It's harder nowadays to find sites whose reviews you can trust.

N4GAddict4219d ago

For that reason, I like Metacritic

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