Age of Conan launches the House of Crom

Age of Conan has officially launched the House of Crom.

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Happy Birthday Age of Conan

It's another Birthday for a successful MMO, this time Age of Conan.

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Age of Conan Patch Adds Facebook Integration

Funcom has released an update for free-to-play Hyborean RPG Age of Conan. This update adds Facebook integration to the game, allowing users to post certain achievements and screenshots directly to their Facebook accounts.

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Are these the top 10 best MMORPGs out there?

MyGaming rounds up the best of the best reviewed MMORPGs release to date

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kevnb4458d ago

Reviews are worthless. List doesn't even have everquest.

TitanUp4458d ago

the best mmorpg in this list,guild wars,wow,rift

missing everquest

least favorite game bought it like 2 days ago and i find it to be a wow clone star wars old republic.

got a level 6 and a level 4 one sith other bounty hunter.