The Warhawk package

Here is the full Warhawk Blu-ray package with a Jabra BT125 bluetooth headset. Sony is selling this for $59.99 at retail stores and the disc has the game, an exclusive behind the scenes video and coming soon trailers. Similar to Shadowrun on the Xbox 360, Warhawk is multiplayer only, but it is also going to be sold over the Playstation Store for an undisclosed price. Since you won't be paying for the headset or the cost of a Blu-ray disc, $25 seems a fair price for the game alone

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GoLeafsGo5429d ago

Has there been any announcement as to how much space WarHawk would occupy on the HD, if downloaded off the PSN?

crck5429d ago

Expect the retail version to be in that range.

BubblesDAVERAGE5429d ago

I think its a bit expensive but with free online and a bluetooth head set..ill get it

eLiNeS5429d ago

Are you serious. I was a beta tester for Shadowrun (multiplayer only as well) and really enjoyed it but when I found out it was going to be full price, $59.99 I was pissed. It's a great game and all but with no campaign, only multiplayer, I was not having it, not worth the same price as a game with a great campaign and multiplayer, so I rented it for 5 weeks. Funny, I just returned it today as a matter a fact and they waved the late fees of 4 weeks, I scored.

Just a thought, seeing how games get played out and people trading them in for newer games, you might want to think about your purchase here for a min. If you download it off the Playstation Store, you will have nothing to trade in when you’re so done playing the game. All games go through this sometime in their future. Best to buy it and then you can keep the headset, trade the game in when it's played out or sell it on eBay or keep it forever, up to you.

StrboyM5429d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

too bad im stuck behind nat type 3. f#$k

Edit* someone disagreed with me..lmao, what? im not behind nat type 3?

obvious someone doesnt like me, but meh whatever

achira5429d ago

to my surprise, i had nat3 also, but headset (blutooth) and the games were running well. now i have nat2 and its the same, nothing has changed.

Kleptic5428d ago

yeah me too...I have been playing with my router for a while trying to get to NAT 2 in accordance with the Ps3's online manual...but my headset seems to work fine...I get some feedback from other people...but I get that with NAT 1 also (PS3 connected straight out of my cable modem...)...

it says "You may lose features in some online games like voicechat, etc. with NAT 3"...but I don't understand it...I have 5 games that I can play online right now...and they all have voicechat working the same as other "NAT" types...

Frulond5428d ago

there's a guide at:
it works if you are using a router, tho I'm not sure if its possible to have NAT3 directly from ISP

DgDX5429d ago

Looks good, more for people who doesnt have a headset or cant bought anything for psn like me :(

Wolfgang1875429d ago

The downloadable game will be at least $30 I'd imagine. They know us beta testers who already have headsets need this game like its crack.

Omegasyde5429d ago

So true. Hopefully the game will have a injectable form w/ headset.


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The story is too old to be commented.