Gears Of War 3 GI Scans

Gears Of War 3 GameInfomer Scans, and the game looks like another great installment to the franchise.

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Faztkiller5124d ago (Edited 5124d ago )

Completely forgot about Gears3 being in GI the LBP2 news took over maybe LBP2 should have being the cover

StanLee5124d ago

Absolutely amazing. I really can't believe we have to wait a year for the game to be released. Hopefully, we'll see more at E3.

StanLee5124d ago

Don't see what there is in my statement to disagree with but I guess fanboys get their little hard ons hitting the disagree button. My advice is to piss off!

Socrates5124d ago

This looks insane. I can't wait to return to the world of Gears of War. I loved the first two.

Fishy Fingers5124d ago

Sweet, and readable too :) That mech looks pretty bad ass, reminds me of a Hockey Keeper... with cannons.


As a PS3 fanboy I have no choice but to day that this wii probably be the best looking game on the 360 when it releases.

and I'm being serious.

colonel1795124d ago Show
blasian5124d ago

He atleast said "on the 360" but that "wii probably" made me lol

Gambit075124d ago

Yea, I thought he was refering to the Wii. I was like what?

isa_scout5124d ago

looks pretty good lets just hope they dont FUBAR the online like the 2nd. I really do love the Gears Of War franchise, and I hated seeing what they did to it. Get rid of the match-making and make the online like the original please ;)

Rowsdower5124d ago

the 1st gears matchmaking was so simple and elegant compared to the 2nd one