9lives: ModNation Racers Review


ModNation Racers is a wonderful continuation of the Play.Create.Share principle. The comparison (LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart) is high, but it easily qualifies ModNation Racers next. Everything is very well-developed and invites to play in single player, online or split screen. Hours are racing, while laughing and cursing at all disposed to be removed where the game is all about - and will continue to run with the support of the community. Pity is that the loading times are a little too long. In any case, casual or hardcore, it does not matter, because ModNation Racers is awesome.


+ Pure Fun
+ Depth
+ Beautiful commentators


- Loading times
- Overview sometimes less on track-making

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mightydog14182d ago

great score and the loading will be sorted in a patch... but like some one said this could be related to connecting to server because the servers are not online yet, anyhow no big deal the developers will sort it out but the most important is create and share and gameplay is fun going to be awsome, i was in the beta and the tools are brill plus I made awesome mods the tools are incredible...going to be spending most of my time making mods and tracks and having fun racing, see you lot in Mod spot where modders hang out :-)