Ninja Theory: 'PS3 Doesn't Scare Us Anymore'

In an interview with NowGamer, Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory explains why PS3 no longer scares the studio and why the lessons learned from their debut have helped in creating their next title, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

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ClownBelt3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

"PS3 Doesn't Scare Us Anymore"

Music to my ears. I just hope more depelopers can say the same thing.

Valve is still scared though...:(

"Antoniades continues, 'I think a lot of the games that were announced back then were tainted by that negativity about the price of the console and the things people were saying about it'."

So much truth behind those words.

halojunkie3248d ago

intimidating piece of hardware. 1 month to go and i'll be playing killzone 2. i need a ps3 now! sick of the youtube videos.

THC CELL3248d ago

u have killzone 2 and no ps3?????
Did u try it in the xbox??? lol Joking

killzone is one of the most played online games on psn at this moment
and uncharted 2 ( what u should not miss by the way)

Warhawk is good if u are a online player also

Im a bit off topic

Get HS too its about 4.99 in most places now

Jamie Foxx3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Ps3 is making strides,360 is a good machine but be prepared for true next gen visuals,sound and free I would PERSONALLY recommend are..

Resistance 1-still love that game
Uncharted 2

And if you love other genres apart from shooters-
Motorstorm PR
Heavy rain

Venatus-Deus3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

halojunkie is just another new account that is just dripping with PS3 positively. PS3 fan masked as a 360 fan… nice

Don’t get me wrong, the PS3 is great, but I just can’t help but feel sorry for the individuals who seem to make a career out of N4G trolling.

Shadow Flare3248d ago

Heavenly Sword is really under-rated. Its a great game and ninja theory did such a good job with it. It was the first ps3 game I had which really made my jaw drop with its graphics. The area with the huge ropes with waterfalls in the background is astonishing

Jamie Foxx3248d ago

My list of games still stand,I did forget heavenly sword,graphics still impress which surprised me.

nix3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

there was a reason i bought Heavenly Sword... to support you. and yeah.. the game was great too! now how about Heavenly Sword 2?

@people above: yup... be prepared to be blown away by the true next gen graphics. specially 32 players MP games from KZ2 or Warhawk! please note that they are all humans there. not AIs.

Hill_billy3248d ago

The cast and characters in the game compel you to play and the game play is fast and furious. It is a winner in my book and still a part of my library today. I just hope that the game they are working on now is not a lesser game do to limited resources. It seems Sony just did not help them out as much last time in the advertising department. It would have been nice to see more Nariko in the real world. That chick was hot!

Noctis Aftermath3248d ago

I don't know why people find the need to twist words for a headline, they said:

"When we went into this project instead of starting from scratch with absolutely nothing we had a much clearer idea of what we wanted to do and how we could do it. The PS3 didn't scare us anymore because we were so used to it, so it's been a lot smoother."

To me the way Ninja Theory talked about it came off positive, the title on the other hand comes off somewhat negative.

raztad3248d ago

I hope NT gets things have changed since 2007. HS although a decent looking game is WOWing no one nowadays. I would like to see a bar pushing game but I'm suspecting Enslaved will be our typical "game is identical in both platforms" multiplat game, in other words, nothing to write home.

So, I'm gonna take 'PS3 Doesn't Scare Us Anymore' as 'we are not fvkin the PS3 version'.

dc13248d ago

It was ahead of its time with motion capture tech.. believable movie sequence integration (with very good lip sequenization).

As state before ... its a gem-
not on the level, but.. in the 'zip code' of ICO and SOTC.

3248d ago
Persistantthug3248d ago

According to this, Valve is bringing PORTAL 2 to the PS3.

Scared of the PS3 had nothing to do with L4D not appearing on the PS3. Microsoft's money was the likely reason.


CellularDivision3248d ago

Dude, dont get Killzone 2. It sucks and online community sucks.
Get COD:MW2 instead, I heard its better, plus you dont have to pay online.

weazel3248d ago

...if you're 4. Killzone 2 MP is awesome, AND free. (What are you on about payments?!)

Raz3248d ago

Can't wait to see what they do with their experience on this next IP!

Dee_913248d ago

Heavenly Sword 2 ?!?!please ?

Shendow3247d ago

Pay?? What do you have to pay for to play Killzone 2? Are you dumb or just born retard, plus MW2 was a Epic fail.

Great story an online....Until you get in games were people got to spend their time using the glitchs to win a game. If you want a real war game that takes balls, then get MAG.

You got to have some balls an skills to hold your own Vs 128 players that want to kill you. Try killing 20 people win only using your gun, yeah more real and more epic.

CellularDivision3247d ago


PS3 online is free, so he does not have to pay for online.
I hope this clears up your misconception.

And... A real war game that takes balls has to be BF:BC2.
But thats just my opinion.

XxZxX3247d ago

i love the dramatic arrows scene. It is intense.

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THC CELL3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )


ya right i did not read it cause they moan all the time

I hope there next game is longer than HS cause it was good for a new next gen game

i hope there next game will be as good as the first but longer
sorry i did not read before posting my head is all over this morning

at below bubble for the kick in the ass

ClownBelt3248d ago

You didn't read the article didn't you?

Hint. What they said is a good thing *wink*

ClownBelt3248d ago

Don't worry. You can kick their asses if they screwed up the PS3 version even with all this talk about knowing the PS3's architecture.

THC CELL3248d ago

porting for ps3 is getting easy now
i was happy with just cause 2 burnout call of duty and some others

Im hoping Red dead is a good port.

THC CELL3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

alot of developers are scared of ps3

they dont want to show other consoles up

Can u picture a ps3 exclusive call of duty?
man that would just blow us away

Valve are just scared cause there game would look very very good on ps3

i cant wait to see killzone 3 uncharted 3 and R3 for that matter

ya game was good but working in game i remember the first week it come out and a few days later it was up for pre order
i remember it been a number 1 pre ordered game for sometime

HS was short no online and no coop
i loved the story

DarkSpawnClone3247d ago

Valve pees there pant every time they look a a ps3,i herd it was getting really bad for Gabe he had to start buying adult size 8XL huggies.

hatchimatchi3248d ago

That's nice to hear. The PS3 did have a terrible rep when it was first released, Sony was too arrogant and the media was crucifying them every chance they got. Sony & Co. have come a long way since 2006. It's nice to see developers taking risks.

DaTruth3248d ago

They needed to stop customers from jumping on the 360 bandwagon. There was a time there where a PS3 was hard to find and GeoW was the reason people needed not to wait. So Sony felt the need to convince people to just be patient by talking up their product and making grandiose promises(which turned out not to be that far off).

Brewski0073247d ago

Yeah the risks they're taking are certainly starting to pay dividends now. As the first poster of this article also said, Valve are still scared, but Its not really "scared", its more like they just havent the people with the knowledge to work the system architecture especially when it comes to making a port. Most companies who are optimising this are generally companies who are making exclusives for ps3's OR porting from ps3 to 360 instead of visa-versa